WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. As we navigate the uncertainty created by COVID-19, we continue to be focused on the well-being of our patients. This
includes moving patients to telephone or video appointments, limiting the traffic in our clinics and keeping our staff and patients as safe as possible. Rest
assured, we are abiding by the government-mandated health and safety practices in all of our clinics. Call us or learn about our safety procedures here.



Telehealth and Video Therapy

Telehealth and video therapy sessions allow you to get the care you need—when, where, and how you need it. At Amen Clinics, you can connect with our expertly trained mental health professionals and functional medicine specialists from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Mental Telehealth and Video Therapy

Easy introduction to brain health/mental healthcare. If you’ve been reluctant to seek treatment, this is one of the easiest ways to give it a chance. And it’s one of the most comfortable for you. You can be in your coziest chair with a mug of your favorite tea and your dog or cat on your lap to make you feel more at ease. This can be very important for people who struggle with a range of issues. For example:

  • People with anxiety disorders don’t have to worry about possible traffic issues that might make you late.
  • People with depression who struggle with motivation don’t have to force themselves to get in the car or to the train station to get to their appointment. You can just press a button on your laptop or phone.
  • People who have ADD/ADHD or who have children with the condition may find it easier to stay focused on a telemedicine conference.
  • People with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) don’t have to worry about not getting their favorite parking spot or exposure to germs in waiting rooms.
  • People with bipolar disorder often make appointments for help when they are in a depressive episode then cancel when they cycle to a manic phase when they feel invincible. A more rapid turnaround time for video therapy allows these people to get help when they need it.
  • People with schizophrenia or other forms of psychosis don’t have to deal with irrational fears that people in the office or other patients are out to get them.
  • People with addictions often need help when they are struggling and contemplating drinking or using drugs. Telehealth can provide more time-sensitive help in these instances.
  • People with memory problems may forget their appointments. Online reminders and notifications can help provide more immediate prompts that it’s time for a video therapy session.
  • Couples with relationship problems may appreciate the convenience factor of an online appointment.

No need to leave home. With telehealth and video therapy, you can still meet with your psychiatrist or functional medicine specialist in the comfort of your own home.

Privacy. Our society still stigmatizes people with mental health issues, which prevents far too many people from seeking the help they need. With telehealth, you have complete privacy. It’s just you and your healthcare professional.

Time saver. We would all love to have more time. With video therapy sessions, there’s no commute, no need to find a parking spot, and no time spent in waiting rooms.

Greater access. People who live in rural areas or who would have to travel for an appointment can have access to world-class psychiatric care and functional medicine specialists. Research shows this can be particularly helpful for children with ADD/ADHD who live in rural areas and wouldn’t normally have access to care.

Treatment check-ups. Being able to check in with your psychiatrist allows you both to discuss the effectiveness of your treatment plan and make adjustments if necessary. This can be critically important in especially anxious or stressful times when people may be more tempted to fall back into old habits that are bad for brain health and mental wellbeing.

Alleviate fears and anxiety about exposure to germs and infections (including COVID-19). Our clinics do everything possible to reduce the risk of exposure to germs and infections for patients and staff, but you may still have concerns. This is especially common among patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety disorders. With digital meetings these fears are eliminated.

See your psychiatrist even if you are ill. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for the virus, or if you have a common cold or flu bug, you can still get the mental health help you need without exposing others to these viral infections. Research shows that acute upper respiratory infections, such as the cold or flu, can be destabilizing for people with mood disorders, so it is even more important to seek help when you’re under the weather. In addition, if you have cancer, heart disease, or another serious condition that has you home-bound, you can enhance your mental wellbeing with video therapy.


At Amen Clinics, our brain SPECT imaging work shows us that mental health problems are really brain health issues. With our Telehealth/Video Therapy programs, we are able to help you:

  • Know your Brain Type (the next best thing to getting a scan): Taking the brief Brain Health Assessment online provides insights into areas of your brain that could benefit from optimization
  • Know your important health numbers: We will advise you on lab tests you may need in order to determine if biological factors are contributing to your symptoms. These will assess your physical health to look for signs of chronic infections, hormonal imbalances, toxic exposure, or key genetic markers.
  • Take neuropsychological tests: We administer scientifically validated web-based assessments that measure 17 areas of your cognitive, emotional, and intellectual functioning.
  • Gain access to Amen Clinics tools and mental exercises. Our physicians can provide you with tools and materials we have developed over 30+ years of clinical practice to help you calm anxiety, boost your mood, change negative thinking patterns, stay focused on your goals, find your motivation, improve your memory, and more.

For new patients, your physician will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that’s targeted to your Brain Type and individual needs. Recommendations may include a combination of different treatments, such as helpful forms of psychotherapy, medications (when necessary), functional medicine (also known as integrative medicine), brain health nutrition coaching, natural supplements, exercise, and more.

For existing patients who are looking for follow-up appointments and treatment check-ups, telehealth/video therapy can be provided on an ongoing basis.

At Amen Clinics, we are dedicated to providing you with the care you need to enhance your brain health and mental wellbeing. When you have a better brain, you have a stronger mind and you are better able to handle the stresses, uncertainty, and fears you face.

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