Supplement and Medication Management

The specialists at Amen Clinics follow a simple guiding rule: use the least toxic, most effective treatments.

In a world where foods contain fewer nutrients and we are exposed to environmental toxins, our bodies and minds often do not work as well as they could. Supplementing your diet with high quality, naturally derived nutrients can powerfully promote healing and boost your overall health.


  • They can be especially effective for mild to moderate symptoms.
  • They are often less expensive and have fewer side effects than prescription medications.
  • You never have to reveal to your insurance company that you are taking them. Most people don’t know that taking psychiatric medications can negatively affect insurability.

“To treat Isabella, we previously spent over $30,000 and we didn’t get anywhere. And now, here we are at the Amen Clinic and we found exactly what we needed. If you don’t take a picture of your brain, you won’t ever really truly know. With changes in diet, exercise and vitamins, in just six weeks my daughter’s grades went from all F’s to all C’s. We’ve got this incredible young lady back again.”
~Liz, mother of patient

“The full evaluation was dramatic for me. I went on some vitamins that the Amen Clinics had recommended to me and it was phenomenal. It was a complete relief. My brain feels healthier.”


“The unfortunate reality is that current medications help too few people to get better and very few people to get well.” —Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute for Mental Health

We are not opposed to using medications, but we believe that, when appropriate, it is smart to begin with natural and lifestyle treatments first. When carefully prescribed and monitored, medications can have a life-changing (and sometimes life-saving) effect.

At Amen Clinics, our doctors typically use less medication than other psychiatrists, and we believe we have more success with conventional drug treatments for mood and behavior disorders because we look at the brains we are treating before writing a prescription.

“The treatment I got at Amen Clinics was very different than the treatment plans I got from the 6 other psychiatrists I’ve gone to where it was “try this, try that and then come back to me.” At Amen Clinics, with the SPECT scan, they can properly pinpoint the medicines you need instead of shooting from the hip trying to pick a medicine. The treatment changed my life dramatically – I was able to regain focus, get my anger under control, not have mood swings anymore and solve my impulse problems.”

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