FBF-Five Strategies to Create Lasting Joy and Feel Better Fast

Five Strategies to Create Lasting Joy and Feel Better Fast

There is a Chinese saying that goes: “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” For centuries, the greatest thinkers have suggested the same thing: Happiness is found in helping others.

Five Strategies to Create Lasting Joy and Feel Better Fast

1. Focus on what you want, on what gives you passion and purpose.

Reflect daily and ask yourself is your behavior getting you what you want? Know what you want; write it down and look at it every day. It will encourage your brain to help make it happen.

2. Limit low value dopamine-producing activities/substances that wear out your pleasure centers. These include:

• Caffeine
• Nicotine
• Excessive television
• Excessive video games
• Pornography
• Undisciplined digital behavior
• Scary movies

3. Engage in high value activities that increase dopamine and strengthen your brain. Here are several examples:

• Sunlight (vitamin D)
• Exercise
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Touch
• Massage therapy
• Pleasurable music
• DHA from fish oil
• Olive oil
• Green tea
• Protein-rich diet
• Turmeric
• Oregano
• Magnesium
• Resveratrol

4. Focus each moment on living with meaning and purpose.

Ask yourself, do the foods I am eating, the exercises I am doing, the conversations I am having, the activities I am engaging in have meaning? Look at your day—where are you spending your time? Is it meaningful in reaching your goals? Get rid of the things in your life that do not fit your goals.

5. Live with the end in mind.

Psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a pioneer in near-death studies and the author of the groundbreaking book On Death and Dying said, “It is the denial of death that is partially responsible for people living empty, purposeless lives; for when you live as if you’ll live forever, it becomes too easy to postpone the things you know that you must do.” If you truly want to live a purposeful life, live with the end in mind. None of us know when death is going to come, but if you knew you would be dead in a week, a month, a year, five years, what would matter to you most? Where and with whom would you spend your time? What will matter toward the end of your life? What will you want to be doing? Whom do you want to be with? What will have mattered in your life? If you live that way along the way, you’ll find your life more purposeful, more meaningful, and more filled with love.

These five strategies will help you to live with love, passion, meaning and purpose over a prolonged period of time.

For more tips and strategies to live your life to the fullest and healthiest, we recommend reading Dr. Daniel Amen’s new book, “Feel Better Fast and Make It Last.” You can order the book by clicking here.

For more information on how SPECT imaging can help provide a customized treatment plan to help heal your brain, call us today at 888-288-9834 or visit us online to schedule a visit.

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  1. Jocelyne Pinsler says:

    Good for thought. I’ve known much of this, but don’t always take heed, now I MUST

  2. Janet Coleman says:

    Good resources and strategies!

    On the suject of SPECT scans:
    Are any SPECT scans being done on people who have chronic pain (back pain in my case)? I am concerned about what brain changes may be occurring in my brain due to the ongoing pain.
    Thank you.

    • Sally says:

      That’s a good question. I suffer from chronic pain also (legs, feet, back and hips). Sometimes makes me feel depressed.

      • Annie says:

        I don’t have the answer but curious as well. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain due to a fracture I was lucky to survive 26 years ago. Many don’t realize how exhausting this is on a daily basis. Through every therapy out there and drugs- meditation is the best for me. I also use THC edibles on occasion for sleep ; ) Be well, be happy!

  3. Sue says:

    To Sally and Janet with pain issues, have you considered medical cannabis? If it’s legal in your state it might be something to look into. Many extracts are made without the THC so there is no worry about getting a buzz.

    • Ed Moses says:

      Sue, It is important to note even the few rare disorders CBD has FDA approval comes with the warning of liver damage and suicidal tendencies. The over the counter artisanal CBD tested overwhelmingly has THC and contaminants in them such as pesticides. Artisanal is not standardized and each dose is different. None of the agencies or organizations charged with safeguarding medical protocol (ASAM, AMA, FDA, DEA, etc.) recommend artisanal CBD. They have released statements opposed to it.

  4. ida says:

    Been on pain medicin four years total knee replacement still have pain it cause depression stay upset and angry try other things nerve blocking so painful cpuld not finish now have so much pain in hil thigh what else can i try

    • Linda says:

      It has been six years since my 2nd knee replacement in my same knee. Still have awful pain. I tried opioids, routine melds CBD oil, utilized gentle stretching, lost half my weight, tens, hot tub, meditation and nothing helps take the pain away. I have been so depressed and lost.

  5. Cynthia Schwartzberg,LCSW says:

    Useful to contempate and share. Thank you


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