Memory & Toxic Exposure: Many Ways to Regain Your Brain

What is toxic exposure? How do you know if you have it? Toxic exposure can cover a variety of things, including self-inflicted toxins (such as drugs, and alcohol), medical treatments such as chemotherapy, and environmental exposures to carbon monoxide or mold. It can be very difficult to know that you are suffering from one of these toxins, unless you know specifically to look for it.

Can Toxins Attack Your Brain?

Too often, memory problems are dismissed as something that happens with age, or because of life being too busy and we don’t take the proper steps to realize that this may be a symptom of something larger.

When these toxins attack the brain, they affect one’s ability to learn, love, and behave. It may feel like your spouse is always forgetting something, but could it be something bigger? When there is a sudden change in personality, mood, memory, or sleep, it’s important to investigate the possible causes that may not seem as obvious.

Is it Depression or is it Mold?

Toxic mold exposure has also been linked to more serious, long-term effects such as:

• Memory loss
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Confusion
• Trouble concentrating

In many cases mold, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other toxins damage the brain and result in decreased neurological function including memory loss, small personality changes, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms that often lead to misdiagnosis. It’s important to realize that this toxic exposure and its effects on the internal structure of your brain can trigger both long and short-term effects that may be treatable.

What Can You Do If Your Suffering from Toxic Exposure?

In our experience, there is a way for recovery. At Amen Clinics we have successfully treated many people with toxic looking brains, which is why it is important to look at your brain before we try to treat it. Get information on how Amen Clinics can help by calling 888-288-9834 or schedule a visit online today.

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  1. Nancy Kay Vocals says:

    Yes, but what if it is pesticide and the degraded warning agent actually has a random odor or attaches to papers, are the side effects slightly different or the same? So far the pets are okay, but the human being has left the building.

    • Anna Angeline Angel Bakos says:

      Dr. Amen,
      You have clinics located in California which allows glysophate to be sprayed on athletic fields, playgrounds & public parks. Although Governor Brown signed a law to mandate that any product with glysophate in it must be so labeled. But this does not solve the problem if entities continue to be allowed to use it as they choose.

      I’d like to know if you have taken the time to contact the Governor or the legislature to testify about what you know about this product & other pesticides? It is the community of health care professionals that needs to be heard from – & not just by printing the facts on your website. It is your responsibility to take a major role in defeating the legislators who are ‘bought & who need to speak to you & see the evidence that supports our fight against Monsanto, Dow Chemical & others who are able to pump the money into the campaign accounts of legislators at both the state & Federal level.

      Your books, videos & presentations, & supplements have been well advertised. You have the money, the name, the contacts & the power to make a difference on this issue. The USDA Nutrition Expert even posts that the findings of studies about glysophate are not conclusive, It is you & your colleagues who need to attack this issue & protect America’s children & adults.

      • Dina says:

        Great post Anna Angeline.
        These medical expert’s just love to talk about it and do absolutely nothing
        They won’t even show up in court for you when you’re trying to sue your landlord

  2. Diane Cartwright says:

    We all have the responsibility not just medical professionals though they carry more documented influence than we the public have. Become part of the pressure for ending Roundup (glyphosate), by contributing to EWG, Environmental Defense Fund, Friends of the Earth, writing to your local representative and refusing to ever, ever buy the poisons. By pressuring schools and local governments to cease using these toxins we have some measure of influence.

    I lost a dearly loved little dog to a rare form of cancer, hemangiosarcoma, directly attributable to glyphosate sprayed in the local park where we walked every day. We are all dying from the poisons. We all can demand change.

  3. Kim says:

    My 65 year old brother has memory loss after a heart attack that left him in a coma for weeks.. physically he is doing fine. It has been two years since his attack and he still struggles with memory..
    Do you work with or have information that help memory loss like his.

  4. Joy Pearson says:

    I very much agree. Prevention should be addressed widely. Individuals can contact you to help adjust and improve our brains. That’s great. But, when we are up against the chemical industry and millions of dollars, we are not solving the problems. The question becomes HOW CAN WE PROTECT OURSELVES FROM THESE TOXINS. The question of ‘Do I have evidence of toxins on my brain?’ doesn’t prevent them. Teach us how to prevent them from these toxins. And join us in fighting these companies that spew them out. Knowledge holds responsibility.

  5. Pat says:

    In 2008 as a firefighter I was exposed to chloirine burning in a fire for 7 hours.I did not have a tank oxygen on or a mask. I was in a support role when the firefighter come out of the fire I would take there thanks off and put new o2 tanks on. I was working on a truck that made o2 to fill the tank.I was so close to the smoke that I could not make o2 from all the smoke. 4 day after the fire I sick .Black stuff coming out my nose and ears.I had the runs and could not eat.The next 30 months I had 16 upper respiratory issue.I had 7 masses taken out of my sinuses. I have all sorts of allergies know and have hasimotto throid. Could I have damaged to my brain?

  6. Danielle g. says:

    I had exposure for years to black mold. In my bedroom. I’m now 35 and suffering memory loss, co concentrating etc. I had a MRI and eeg done came back normal. Would those tests show if it is mold?

    • Jody says:

      MRI shows structure. An EEG shows brainwave activity. You need a SPECT scan to show toxic exposure.

    • Dina says:

      My doctor was able to recognize my exposure to mold and it’s impact on my health through the information that he was able to find by blood work called C4a.
      The Amen Clinic has a doctor that specializes in mold in their doctor roster but they won’t let you see him as part of their two scan $3500 package instead they assign you a psychotherapist even if you tell them that your apartment had mold and have documentation that you’ve been exposed to it
      This is quite shameful as they do ask you to pay an extra $400 to see that mold doctor

  7. E. Buckingham says:

    Dad is gone now. He died at 87 three years ago. Before he left us he had terrible dementia. His MRIs showed a shrunken brain inside the skull. Dr was alarmed at the difference since one was done about 5 years before. Mom is still here and also has severe dementia. Family has speculated about all the spraying Dad did over the years. Roundup was used in the front & back yards for decades. Also malathione on occassion. He wore a handkerchief, not a mask. How much exposure did he have to Roundup? A huge amount, considering he did it year-round in California. Mother will leave us next. She was in & out of the house when spraying was done. What a terrible way to go.

  8. Helen says:

    We are beginning to believe that my brothers alzheimers was triggered by environmental stress. He worked for 50 yrs in large data processing centers with hundreds of large computers and stared at blinking and rolling data on black screens. It is suspicious because 2 of his former bosses also have alzheimers. Diagnosis on my brother all done by doctor assessment, no blood work, no brain scans, medicare wont pay for it. Have you heard of this before?

    • Amen Clinics says:

      Hello Helen, there are many instances were stress and strain on the body and mind are contributing factors to conditions. We have developed a Memory Program at our clinics, and if you would like more information please visit the program page here – and contact our Care Coordinators for more information about possible treatment options and coverage, reimbursement, or financing. 888-288-9834. Thank you.

  9. Brenda says:

    have you ever treated anyone exposed to chronic gas exposure I’m interesting in being tested for this who can I contact for this

    • Amen Clinics says:

      Hello Brenda, we do have an extensive integrative medicine program at Amen Clinics which involves labs and diagnostics necessary for many types of toxic exposure. For details on this program, please call our Care Coordinators at 888-288-9834 or complete this form to have someone reach out to you when it’s convenient – Thank you!

      • Jody says:

        Hi Amen Clinics,

        I’m sorry to jump onto someone else’s thread, but your 1-888 number and operator-like people answering phones and questions turned me off. You have all this innovative work yet your initial contact is incredibly impersonal. It implies hoops. It does the opposite of what you’re trying to tell people you’re doing for them. Connect. Help. Listen. It feels like mass help and not personal. I would rethink this structure. Because people going through brain issues want to be heard and want connection in order to get help… not someone giving stock answers who have no real compassion.

        • Linda says:

          I completely agree about the impersonal aspect and actually lack of knowledge. I have spent time talking with one after waiting for nearly 2 weeks for a return phone call.

          • Ellen Clendening says:

            I also had made numerous calls before I actually received a call back. I was inquiring about their services, but did not feel that the person I spoke to was very helpful or knowledgeable. It felt like a very impersonal sal s pitch. Was not what ai was needing and was very turned off by it. Seemed to be all about the money.

  10. Kathleen says:

    My son was tested in your Newport Beach office when he was 17 or 18. Dr. Boson sp?
    He is now 35. The diagnosis was ADD, bipolar, and injuries to brain from sports. In NJ cpuldnt find dr. Who would follow your treatment. He is very bright, wants to have a career but due to cluster headaches, depression, keep him from achieving his goal. Had addiction issues in AA for 12 years now. Has approx. 64 college credits but cluster headaches interfere with attendance. Has stopped bipolar meds, only addresses headaches at Jefferson University Headache Center w/o much success. Was very successful until junior year high school when bipolar became more pronounced.
    Isn’t working now just doing school. Health ins. Etc., very expensive for me. However, he gets SSI $523 month. But wants normal life, career and family, very stubborn to deal with. Any suggestions? I’m 71 ,retired special ed teacher… concerned and frustrated. Thank you. Your work is very impressive, at Back to school night , I would hand out your Dos & Donts for the brain to my students parents.

  11. Lorraine simon says:

    My husband is 66 he has had dementia 6 years, Past 8 months it’s been really bad He has been in UCLA for 2 1/2 weeks was very aggressive with me taking a seat belt off getting out the car when moving backwards, Hes going to be going to the calvet home in Los Angeles He is a veteran I really wish I could have my husband back, He can’t focus to watch TV, used to color in May and June now he just scribbles, Talk to his invisible friends, Is there any hope for him?

    • Amen Clinics says:

      Hello Lorraine, thank you for reaching out and sharing with us. We’d love to have a Care Coordinator reach out to you to speak to your specific case directly. We will pass your information along.

  12. Lori says:

    Can any of these toxins be related to degenerative
    Nerve diseases

  13. Laura says:

    I think my daughter has lived in homes with mold. My daughter had a head injury at age 6 with a subdermal hematoma. She had a craniotomy and recovered. Ultimately played soccer in grade and middle school and rugby in high school.
    In fifth grade during a contentious divorce and custody battle, she developed subclinical mono and she was tested for food allergies and results came back with many recommendations on dietary changes. Custody changed to out of state parent at age 12. Out of state parent eliminated me from health and educational information. Out of state parent took
    her to a psychiatrist for depression at age17 without my knowledge or input who prescribed ADD medication and antidepressant. My daughter is 31 now and works in a foundry and may be exposed to toxic elements. She still suffers from anxiety and depression and rarely responds to contact from me or any family members. Does this history lead your clinicians to recommend she would be a good candidate for assessment on diagnosis and treatment? What does the range of tests consist of that you might do for someone with this kind of history? How does one get a loved one in for help when they may be reluctant? Any suggestions?

  14. Edith says:

    Have family member having A-fib, diagnosed 2 yrs ago with mild cognitive disorder. Now searching often for words, some hallucinations, can’t remember how to make TV, etc. work, Did pest control for 26 years. Could this have any connection?

    • Amen Clinics says:

      Hello Edith, it’s possible that the exposure to chemicals/substances working in pest control could be a correlation. To know more, we’d suggest an in-person or phone consultation with a Integrative Medicine specialist. Our clinics offer these consultations and you can schedule one by calling 888-288-9834 to speak to one of our Care Coordinators, or you can submit this form as a request for an appointment –

  15. Toni says:

    Hi there!
    I know I have been exposed to mold
    After Harvey I had to move to a hotel because the rental home I lived in was damaged. To make a short story short … there was mold at the second hotel where I stayed for 4 weeks. I developed a severe eye allergy, scalp and corners of my mouth… my skin itch was unbareful. It got so bad I took Benadryl for 2 days but because I eat clean, personal care is all organic and take no medications I couldn’t handle it, the symptoms were somewhat controlled but I couldn’t think and felt in a total fog, I couldn’t work. As soon as I stopped the itch came back with a fury my skin looked and feel like a crocodile skin, swollen awful. I came back to the rental and my symptoms became more complicated, memory, trouble saying words, lethargy, one night my heart was going crazy, my normally low blood pressure would go up then down, up and down, I was terrified. I prayed for inspiration and I took magnesium which helped tremendously, my heart and my whole body relaxed and I finally fell asleep.
    Diagnosis was; maybe a mini stroke, heart reaction could be a severe allergic reaction to something. ??
    My tests came clean, I have beautiful vessels, so no stoke diagnosis, heart seemed to have settled.
    I walked out with an Rx for prednisone which I didn’t fill.
    I have followed the Amen’s courses and podcasts and use some of their supplements.
    What do you recommend supplement wise to clean my body from mold? I lost my health insurance this year and there is no way to pay for the Clinic visit and scan.

  16. Carol says:

    Hey there!
    I am 50 years old and suffer from brain fog, depression, social anxiety, ADD and panic attacks along with severe digestive issues and joint pain. For the first 12 years of my life, I was sexually abused, physically abused, mentally abused and emotionally abused by my father. My mother did nothing to stop the abuse. One step in front of TV he was watching would lead to a beating with whatever was in reach. I watched my 2 younger brothers be beaten over and over again by my father. We lived in poverty, a welfare family. My parents were chain smokers and I was exposed to second hand smoke for the first 18 years of my life. The house we lived in was located in an old coal mining town with lead paint and mold in the basement area. I had a few concussions from the abuse and falling down the rickety stairs to the lower level of the house. I’m working with a counselor to help with the depression and other issues. I don’t remember much from my childhood and it is a true blessing because what I do remember was horrific. Is there any help for this depression, anxiety and memory problems?

  17. Michele says:

    My daughter has misophonia. Do y’all have any solutions to help with this?


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