Why Do I Have Anxiety Over Every Little Thing

Why Do I Have Anxiety Over Every Little Thing?

Do you constantly worry about what people think of you? Do you feel nervous all the time? Do you get panicky in certain situations? Or do you have any of the following symptoms:

• Headaches
• Pounding heart
• Panic attacks
• A tendency to predict the worst
• Bothersome fears
• Being easily startled

Everybody feels nervous from time to time, but if you are wracked with anxious thoughts and feelings, you may have anxiety. You’re not alone. Anxiety disorders are common and an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from the condition. And did you know that women are twice as likely as men to have anxiety? Our society tends to view anxiety as a character flaw or personal weakness, but is it really mental illness?

Anxiety Is Not a Mental Disorder, It Is a Brain Disorder

Brain imaging shows that anxiety is the result of a biological problem in the brain. These changes in brain function can be caused by several things, including hormonal imbalances, exposure to toxins, or nutritional deficiencies.

Why Anxiety Treatment Doesn’t Always Work

Unfortunately, less than 40% of people with anxiety seek treatment. When they do, treatment doesn’t always work. In part, this is because most doctors never look at the brain and many don’t run lab tests to see if there are other biological causes contributing to feelings of anxiety.

For example, if the underlying problem is hormonal imbalance, no amount of psychiatric medication is going to help. And many anti-anxiety drugs actually harm your brain and make you vulnerable to other conditions. In addition, anxiety isn’t a simple or single disorder. One size does NOT fit all. Treatment that works for one person won’t work for everybody, and it could even make you worse!

7 Types of Anxiety

Brain scans reveal that there are different patterns within the brain associated with anxiety. In fact, brain imaging has identified 7 types of anxiety:

Type 1: Pure Anxiety
Type 2: Pure Depression
Type 3: Mixed Anxiety
Type 4: Over-focused Anxiety
Type 5: Temporal Lobe Anxiety
Type 6: Cyclic Anxiety
Type 7: Unfocused Anxiety

Knowing your type is important because each anxiety type requires individualized treatment. With an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan, you can heal from anxiety and start to feel better fast.

At Amen Clinics, we use leading brain imaging technology to accurately diagnose anxiety types. In addition, we take a comprehensive brain-body approach to treatment that involves the least toxic, most effective strategies. This includes utilizing natural supplements, nutrition, exercise, helpful forms of therapy, and medication (when necessary)—all personalized for your specific type of anxiety.

If you’re suffering from feelings of anxiety, don’t wait to seek professional help. Call 1-888-288-9834 or schedule a visit today.

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  1. marty Joanides says:

    My 11 year old grandson has been taking Vyvanse for his ADHD for the last several months. Prior to that he was taking Adderall for 3 years.

    FDA recently approved a medical device to treat ADHD in children ages 7-12 who are NOT currently taking medication.The device offers a non-drug option through the use of mild nerve stimulation. The pocket size device is connected by wire to a small adhesive patch placed on the child’s forehead above the eyebrows while sleeping.

    It delivers a tingling electrical stimulation to branches of the cranial nerve and they have seen significant improvement in their ADHD symptoms.

    Would Dr. Amen be able to offer any information on the product? It is troubling to see how the side effects of stimulants affect a child with weight loss, picking, lack of appetite, irritability,etc.

    Thank you, Marty Joanides

    • Soryl Stanley says:

      Hi Marty Joanides,

      I don’t know about the effectiveness of the electrical device, however, it’s not ECT. As an adult with ADHD, I beg to differ with the previous comment. Talk therapy with an ADHD specializing therapist can be helpful with emotional stress caused by ADHD and resulting failures to perform. It my also help with learning coping skills, however, it will not treat the ADHD itself. Best of luck in you search for treatment for your son!

  2. khal hass says:

    Without knowing the specifics of your condition, I would strongly urge you to research the harmful effects of ECT because there is no science or medical based rational for its use as a treatment. People with seizures are considered to have a medical pathology and creating ones by ECT in the brain while having *literally* no clue as to how it is helping “fix” ANYTHING to help with depression or anxiety is actually dangerous. There is no predicting of what after effects will come and what memory/skill could or will be lost. Please do no relay on an answer from the clinics here as there are many who are not responded to. Seeking talk therapy will be safest and most helpful. GL and God bless.

    • Lorraine Corriveau says:

      I have had ECT treatments. It saved my life. I had severe clinical depression for many years and no therapy or medications worked. After I had ECT treatments I did loose memory but it came back slowly. Some things in my past I don’t remember but they are things I should not remember. I have been depression free for 15 years.

      • Tamara says:

        Dear Dr. Amen, could you please recommend a good clinic in London where my anxiety will be treated with care. I’m really tired of asking doctors for help and hearing that I just need to try to reduce the stress.

  3. Florine Voelker says:

    Dr. Amen,
    THANK YOU for your PBS programs; I have two of your funding raising gifts, as I am a sustaining member. Also, I was given a free year’s membership to mybrainfitlife . Thank you again for not only being an outstanding doctor, but also a very caring person.

    Florine Voelker

  4. Barb says:

    My anxiety disorder is a result of childhood abuse?

  5. Susan says:

    Look into alpha stim for ADHD and anxiety and depression- it’s expensive but soooo worth the money – been using one for 15 years- I am a therapist- besides looking at what you are eating, your thoughts- get Dr Amens book and don’t just read , do it- these are not overnight changes- but lifestyle changes- please get that child off of vivance- fish oil, a healthy diet – hamburger but one you made not a fast food joint- I feel like folks are telling God he messed up when we have the need to put babies on meds- there is nothing wrong with them- there is a need to parent- please and thank you

  6. nasreen johnson says:

    i have anxiety and depression.i have obsessive worry and look at evrything from all angles which anxiety will i fit?i also ben fully vaxed including small pox.i also had a big hard tin spmashed on my forhead when i was 4 by accident in a fight with brother.i am struggling with memory and not bright person never have been.what can i do i dont have lots of money so coming to the clinic is out also i live in au.pls help me doc advice me who can i see that is half a doc as good as you.
    Nasreen Johnson.


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