Marital Conflict

Marriage is hard even when both partners’ brains are healthy. We understand the pain of marital strife and the fact couples don’t want to get divorced, and we’re committed to helping restore and heal relationships. It starts with taking a close look at you and your spouse’s brain.

Relationship problems arise in the brain and can include:

  • Chronic arguing or fighting
  • One partner always says “no”
  • Impulsivity, poor judgment, addictions
  • Anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior
  • Changes in behavior
  • Failed couples counselling
  • Abuse (verbal, physical, sexual)*

Brain SPECT Imaging

Brain SPECT imaging is a special kind of scan we take of the brain that helps us better understand how it works and what is going on inside of it. SPECT can specifically help people overcome marital conflict by:

  • Helping identify areas of low activity and blood flow in you and your spouse’s brains
  • Helping determine if there could be co-occurring conditions that need treatment
  • Helping determine if treatment is working correctly
  • Helping couples gain a better understanding of their brains through visuals

The Mathisons’ Story

A few years ago, a couple came into Amen Clinics after failing marriage counseling. They had seen a counselor for two years — at a cost of $25,000 — only to be told that they should get divorced. After conducting a full personal history on the man and the woman, we asked if either one of them drank or used drugs, and they both said no.

Next, the couple underwent SPECT scans, and when we saw the husband’s scan, which was filled with so many “holes” of inactivity/low blood flow it looked like Swiss cheese, we asked again if the husband did drugs, and he again denied it. Next we asked, “What do you do for a living?”

“I finish furniture in a furniture factory,” the man answered.

Marital Conflict

There it was. While the man never used street drugs or abused prescription medicine, he was basically “doing drugs” every day on the job, where he breathed in harsh chemicals that altered his brain function. He had worked there for five years and the time he started the job matched the time when his wife said their problems began.

Amen Clinics put him on a healthy brain treatment. Soon, not only did his brain scans show improved overall activity, but more importantly, he became himself again, and he and his wife agreed that their marital difficulties had been resolved.

Does this kind of situation seem familiar to you? Do you sometimes wonder what happened to the person you married? At Amen Clinics, we know how many factors can affect brain health and have unintended impact on marriages, and we take full personal histories before beginning SPECT imaging or recommending any treatment program.

*If you are afraid that someone may be hurt, or if you are afraid of your partner, please call 911. While we believe that everyone can benefit from SPECT imaging and a healthier brain, please note that we cannot provide immediate help or protection from abuse. 
†Names have been changed. 


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