Three years on clomipramine: Before and after brain SPECT study.

A case is presented of a patient diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, obsessive thinking, anger outbursts, and depression who had a SPECT study prior to treatment and after 3 years of treatment on clomipramine. The follow-up SPECT study showed marked improvement overall in the cerebral perfusion of the brain. At rest marked overactivity was noted in the anterior medial aspects of the frontal lobes, along with “patchy” (increased and decreased) uptake throughout the cortical and subcortical areas of the brain. After treatment for 3 years on clomipramine at 225 mg a day, the follow-up SPECT study revealed a normalization of activity in the anterior medial aspects of the frontal lobes as well as no patchy uptake cortically and subcortically as noted in the study prior to treatment. The clinical usefulness of the SPECT study as it relates to this case is discussed.

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