Charity Schneider

Regional Clinical Outreach Director - Western Division

Charity Schneider has over 25 years of dedicated service in the Medical Device and Healthcare industry. Her journey within the industry spans across various domains including marketing, clinical sales, and sales leadership, reflecting her commitment to understanding every aspect of the business.
She has extensive experience in healthcare, including respiratory, pulmonary, metabolic, psychology, and health and wellness. Her diverse skill set, and profound knowledge have been instrumental in driving innovation and creating transformative solutions in patient care and diagnostic technologies. This approach has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics within the healthcare landscape, enabling her to drive innovative solutions and foster meaningful relationships with clients and stakeholders alike.
Educationally, Charity holds a degree in sleep medicine and psychology, underscoring her commitment to understanding the intricacies of human health and behavior. Complementing this, she also possesses a Bachelor’s in Business Management, which serves as a solid foundation for her strategic acumen and business leadership.
Outside of her professional career, Charity finds joy in outdoor activities. Whether it’s paddle boarding, running, hiking, or exploring new destinations through travel, she embraces each opportunity to unwind and seek inspiration from the beauty of nature.
As a visionary leader and a compassionate professional, Charity Schneider continues to make significant strides in advancing healthcare technologies and improving patient outcomes, setting the standard for excellence with Amen Clinics.

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