John "Jay" A. Faber, MD | Los Angeles Metro Area

Child, Adult, Clinical & Forensic Psychiatrist

Jay Faber, MD, is a double board-certified psychiatrist in both adult as well as adult/child adolescent psychiatry. In addition, Dr. Faber has been forensically trained at the University of The California Institute of Psychiatry Law.

Over the years, Dr. Faber has found it necessary to expand his clinical training such that there is a better understanding of the brain-body connection. To address this very important area, Dr. Faber has received further training at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is now board certified in metabolic medicine from this institution. Recently, Dr. Faber completed his master’s fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the prestigious George Washington University.

With this information, Dr. Faber has been able to radically advance his practice such that he can treat hormonal, inflammatory, toxic, dietary, and metabolic problems to help the brain function at its best level. Furthermore, Dr. Faber has integrated a more holistic approach using vitamins/minerals, supplements, mind-body therapies, and medications in a synchronous manner to help improve focus, mood, decision-making, memory, and most importantly, overall quality of life.

Along with his academic endeavors, Dr. Faber has written a book, Escape: Rehab Your Brain to Stay Out of the Legal System. The book focuses on those individuals involved in the legal system and what they can do to stay out of that system in the future. Looking ahead, Dr. Faber is looking at writing at least 2 other books on topics focusing on leadership, self-direction, and brain integration.

While spending time writing, Dr. Faber has also been requested to speak to distinguished societies. In 2017, Dr. Faber spoke on the topic of SPECT Scans, Neuroimaging, and the legal system at the National College of DUI Defense Summer Conference. The event was held at the renowned Harvard Law School.

In addition to his medical work, Dr. Faber runs a non-profit organization, The Faber Ryan Youth Foundation.  This outreach mission-focused group connects with inner-city young adults interested in performing arts and teaches them pertinent leadership character-building skills. With the magical combination of artistic talent and sound personal development, these teens will be more equipped to take their passion to the next level.


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