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Dr. Larry Momaya graduated from the University of California at Irvine’s College of Medicine in 2000, and also completed his Psychiatry Residency from UC Irvine in 2004. He is a Board-Certified Adult Psychiatrist, and a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He enjoys working with people with Mood and Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Emotional Overeating, and addictions, as well as spiritual, relationship, and self-esteem issues. Dr. Momaya has a keen interest in helping people shift their focus from the place of Mental “Dis-Ease” to moving towards Mental Wellness and Personal Empowerment, using various techniques including Hypnosis, Visualization Exercises, Spirituality and Meditation, Music and Sound, Breathing Techniques, practicing “Presence”, as well as several different Psychotherapies. He particularly enjoys teaching people on how to recognize and subsequently investigate their stressful and negative thoughts to come closer to finding their own Inner Peace. By using this integrative approach, Dr. Momaya has assisted thousands of people reach their goals since 2004 at the Amen Clinics.

Dr. Momaya also has a variety of other passions, particularly in the creative arts and media. He has hosted a Psychiatry call-in talk show, as well as music programs on public radio over the last 20 years and loves doing voice-over work, singing, acting, and drumming. He has filled in for Dr. Amen on his National radio show “Change Your Brain Change Your Life,” as well as many speaking engagements for the Amen Clinics. He co-authored his first book in 2011 on ending emotional overeating with Dr. Amen. And in December of 2017 he was a featured guest on Larry King NOW. He welcomes invitations for talks and print interviews, or just to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.


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