Lisa Parsons, MD | Phoenix Metro Area

Adult Psychiatrist

Dr. Parsons graduated medical school from Wayne State University in Michigan, then completed her residency at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix Arizona. From there she has practiced in varied settings including consult liaison on medical floors and in emergency departments, inpatient psychiatry, medical director for the largest community mental health center in Northern Arizona, addiction and recovery work including detox, residential and outpatient. Through much of this, she also ran a private practice with a primary focus on holistic care and understanding the biological contributions that manifested as psychiatric illness.

She has completed training from Walsh Institute on nutrient therapies, functional medicine training with Integrative Medicine Academy, and has attended Integrative Medicine for Mental Health conferences several times. Her focus is consistently on uncovering the systemic causes of psychiatric illness, offering a holistic and foundational approach to mental wellbeing.

Dr. Parsons is passionate about helping to end the stigma of mental illness which opens doors for people to seek help and improves the quality of life for not only the person seeking help but also their friends/family.

In addition to practicing psychiatry, Dr. Parsons enjoys spiritual learning, boating, hiking, and spending time with her family.


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