Mariah Andrews | Chicago Metro Area

Clinic Director

Mariah Andrews is a collaborative and strategic healthcare leader who is dedicated to welcoming every patient with the integrity they deserve. Her passion lies in optimizing processes and implementing quality-driven, fiscally responsible, patient care systems that focus on providing the perfect patient experience.

Mariah completed her undergraduate education at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, where she earned a dual degree in Psychology and Marketing. Her desire to understand the human experience paired with her business aptitude led her to Amen Clinics in 2016 where she learned of the importance of prioritizing brain health. Over the years, she has played a significant role in operations, change management, and data management, modeling valuable data to better understand patient outcomes, revenue cycles, and retention.

As a leader, Mariah believes in “Doing the Right Thing Right”, encouraging her team to be efficient and effective, allowing more time to provide quality care to every patient who trusts Amen Clinics, Chicago with their care.

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