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Sarah Hertzberg is the Clinic Outreach Manager for Amen Clinics Los Angeles, CA covering Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Southern Nevada.

She graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Business Administration and Corporate Communication. She is currently with Amen Clinics for almost three years and has a huge passion for everything brain health! She started in Amen Clinic’s National Care Center and acquired a vast understanding of The Amen Clinics Method and services as well as a strong grasp on what patients are looking for.

In her role, Sarah looks forward to working with therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, family practice physicians, and all providers of mental and physical health. Her goal is to work together with professionals to help their patients/clients reach their full potential!

In her free time, Sarah loves all things health and fitness! You can find her in a spin class, outside on a hike, eating her favorite “Brain on Joy” Brain MD chocolate, or spending time with her family and friends.

Sarah can’t wait to work with you! Please feel free to schedule a time to chat or contact her via phone or email through one of the buttons on this page to discuss how we can partner!

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