Shane Creado, MD | Chicago Metro Area

Psychiatrist, Sleep Medicine Physician

Dr. Shane Creado is a board-certified psychiatrist and sleep medicine physician. He did an undergraduate degree in physical therapy, and went on to do an MD, graduating at the top of his class, and received the gold medal for obtaining Honors in every subject in medical school. He completed his psychiatric residency and sleep medicine fellowship at the University of Wisconsin where he was awarded the graduating resident award for academic achievement. He is also a sports psychiatrist, and is on the Board of Directors of the International Society for Sports Psychiatry, as its Chairman of Memberships. He is on the registry of Sports Psychiatrists for the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

Dr. Creado has clinical experience with the veterans population, college mental health, exercise prescription and mental health, co-morbid psychiatric and sleep problems, CBT-Insomnia, alcohol recovery groups, MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), administrative psychiatry, health care policy, cultural psychiatry, couples therapy, and regressive hypnosis. He uses the skills he acquired in these disciplines to holistically apply evidence-based medicine in the service of his patients.

He is the host of the Overcoming Insomnia course, which teaches the best evidence-based strategies to improve sleep. He is the author of Peak Sleep Performance: The Cutting-Edge Sleep Science That Will Guarantee A Competitive Advantage, which debuted at the #1 new release on Amazon in Sports Medicine in March 2020. In his spare time, he likes to travel, write, act on stage and play racquet sports. For updates about the book, free sleep tips, as well as special offers, follow @peaksleepperformance on Instagram.


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