Amen Clinics has given me a real chance at life

After years of special diets, full-body detox programs, tri-athlete like training, self-medication and traditional psychiatric care, I came to Amen Clinics in June of 2010 having lost almost all hope of finding answers to a life that was quickly coming to its end.

Since my teenage years and before, I had trouble with focus, concentration, memory, verbal expression and serious mood instability.  These would increase and decrease overtime but would never go away completely.

These afflictions kept me from developing anything but very superficial relationships with my peers at every stage of development and into my adult years.

Seeking out care from doctors was something I never considered due to a deep distrust which formed after experiencing, as a teenager, abuse in a private mental health facility.  In addition to this abuse, they had, without ever talking with me, already come to some conclusions about me.

Amen Clinic’s new patient intake process was so perfect for me. I got the clear sense that they were making every effort to “listen” to me first.  The incredible depth, breadth and simplicity of their web-based intake process gave me every chance to communicate my situation clearly under no pressure.

I then spoke with their historian, Robert Gessler, who had already reviewed my background.  With complete respect, patience and impressive insight he reviewed my history with me to provide me the opportunity to correct anything before making it final.

As a reclusive systems software engineer and familiar with the use of historical patterns to diagnose problems, I was encouraged to find that same approach taken at Amen Clinics.  They compared my SPECT studies and comprehensive clinical data to their extensive database of 60,000+ sets of previous patient SPECT images and clinical data.

When I had my first meeting with a “doctor”, I was more at ease knowing that he had reviewed all this information in advance.  He was ready to talk intelligently and efficiently about my newfound diagnoses and treatment plans.  Dr. Johnson’s background in Neurology and Psychiatry paired with his genuine care, empathy, patience and sharp eye, proved the perfect match for me.

Because the results suggested an encephalopathic process, Dr. Johnson referred me to a world-class expert in rare infectious and autoimmune diseases that affect cognitive function.

My brain was discovered to have several viral infections very likely present from birth, which had grown to become what they are today: moderate to severe.  My immune system was found to be severely weakened as well.

In my referral I found Dr. Amen’s passion for quality of care extends to those professionals who Amen Clinics will select in cases where other expertise is required.

While I still have a long way to go in the treatment for this infection, expertly targeted temporary treatments have enabled a comfortable minimal level of functioning and treatment for the infections have already begun clearing up other previously unexplained but now known-to-be-related long-standing health issues.

Because of Amen Clinics, the shroud of a life-long mystery has been lifted which in turn has given me a real chance at life and has allowed my children and I a precious chance to get to know each other all over again.

There is so much more I could say here and it is my sincere hope that Amen Clinics common sense approach and methods will become the standard for care in my lifetime.

I and my family owe a debt of gratitude to Amen Clinics that can never be repaid.

John Golter

Paradise, California

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