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Order Your BRIGHT MINDS Memory Rescue Music CD Today

Imagine being able to relax the moment you feel anxiety starting to settle in. Sleep when you were once staring at the ceiling for countless hours, and concentrate when your focus was once nowhere to be found. Daniel Amen, MD and Grammy Award Winner, Barry Goldstein created an album that uses scientific research and sound […]

Nov 01, 2017   |   3 Comments »

children struggle

Why Do Children Struggle?

There are many reasons children struggle and misbehave. It is important to try to understand because if you know the reasons they are having trouble with their behavior you’re more likely to use the right interventions. Sometimes children or teens misbehave because of other reasons, such as underlying emotional or neurological problems (ADD, depression, anxiety, […]

Nov 01, 2017   |   No Comments »

Depression Rates On The Rise For Children and Teens

Depression Rates On The Rise For Children and Teens

Depression in children and teens can take many forms and is increasing at a shivering rate affecting their social, academic, and familial functioning.  Many children become depressed because of their difficult home life and tense family relations.  However, depression can occur at any point in a child’s life even when things seem to be going […]

Oct 31, 2017   |   No Comments »

Immunity & Infection

Is Brain Fog Contagious?

Mental fog can have a lot of causes, but one of the more surprising and distressing culprits is Lyme disease. Yes, the bite of an infected tick can lead not just to flu-like symptoms and fatigue, but also to grasping for words, forgetting directions moments after hearing them and a general sense of mental slowness. […]

Oct 30, 2017   |   1 Comment »

How Addictions Get Stuck in Your Brain

How Addictions Get Stuck in Your Brain

Why are some people who overdo it with alcohol, food, sex, or other things, able to remember the consequences of their actions, learn from their mistakes, and avoid repeating the behavior? And why do others minimize the consequences, maximize the pleasure they got from the activity, and continue to engage in the same destructive behavior? […]

Oct 30, 2017   |   4 Comments »

cbd oil marijuana

Does CBD Oil or Marijuana Cause Damage to Your Brain?

According to recent reports, marijuana use has more than doubled in the past decade. It is now legal in many states across America, which poses the question: even if it’s legal is it still safe for your brain? Although it is often portrayed as harmless, and sometimes even therapeutic, marijuana causes significant brain changes by […]

Oct 23, 2017   |   14 Comments »


Kids & TBI: Is Playing Ice Hockey to Blame?

As a society, we often hear a lot of the negative impact to the brain that football players endure playing the sport but we rarely hear of the damage ice hockey has on the players. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be in a car accident or get concussed on a football field […]

Oct 19, 2017   |   No Comments »

MR-Blog-Mental Health-800x400

Can Healing Your Mind Boost Your Memory?

When someone you love is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll do anything to help that person. I know because of a number of years before David, a 62-year-old pastor, became my father-in-law, he was told he had Alzheimer’s. I convinced Tana, my sweetheart (and now my wife), that we should evaluate her dad and scan […]

Oct 17, 2017   |   No Comments »

MR Toxins

9 Ways to Prevent Toxins From Stealing Your Mind

Modern life comes with a lot of wonderful time- and energy-savers, but some conveniences are connected to a slew of surprising memory stealers. Conventional cleaning products, for example, emit fumes that are toxic to brain cells. And recently, scientists reported that exposure to high levels of fine particulate air pollution—the kind you might breathe if […]

Oct 16, 2017   |   No Comments »


How Addiction Can Steal Your Life

When you are chained by an addiction, it affects every area of your life. Addiction ruins lives, devastates families, destroys relationships, negatively impacts your career, decreases your ability to perform well in school, and causes health problems. People with addictions are more likely to get divorced, less likely to graduate from high school or college, […]

Oct 12, 2017   |   1 Comment »

soccer-Child Being Exposed To Potential Brain Injuries

Is Your Child Being Exposed To Potential Brain Injuries?

Many people associate sports concussions with football since it is widely publicized in the media. However, we tend to forget about the popular sport soccer, where frequent contact with the ball and head occur since players use their heads to propel the ball to score, at it is recognized as a skill in the game.  A recent study showed that […]

Oct 11, 2017   |   No Comments »

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