Marijuana Causes Long-Term Brain Changes


Now that marijuana has been approved for medical and recreational use in a few U.S. states, heated debates over its safety are swirling in the media.  Although marijuana doesn’t necessarily pose the same immediate, life-threatening dangers as alcohol, we have seen that chronic, long-term use does cause significant brain changes—chiefly, slowed activity in the frontal and temporal lobes; areas of the brain involved with focus, concentration, motivation, memory, learning, and mood stability. 

Dr. Kabran Chapek has witnessed this first-hand at our Amen Clinic Northwest in Washington State, where marijuana was legalized for medical use in 2012.

He says, “I’m not surprised when someone with anxiety tells me that they use marijuana or alcohol to help them sleep, or calm their nerves. It’s predictably people with overactivity in their brains and problems like anxiety or PTSD who use sedating substances—we can see it on their SPECT scans.”

“The problem with marijuana is that it’s not selective.  Not only does it calm the parts of the brain that are overactive, it calms the entire brain—long-term—through a slow and insidious process.”

Some argue that marijuana is not addictive, but as this study demonstrates, it is a drug like any other.  Anything that makes us feel good—be it food, drugs, alcohol, exercise, gambling, or sex—causes a rewiring of the pleasure centers in the brain and intensifies cravings for it.

When someone stops using marijuana, significant irritability is common as the temporal lobes regain full functioning.  According to Dr. Chapek, one can expect to see improvements in motivation, concentration, and focus after abstaining for just 2-3 months.

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  • Zarayah Israel

    “slowed activity in the frontal and temporal lobes; areas of the brain involved with focus, concentration, motivation, memory, learning, and mood stability” so, you are willing to ignore what the brain changes are?

    • Michael

      I don’t trust the information. Cannabis doesn’t destroy anything. It’s one of the most wonderfully beneficial, safe, and effective drugs in existence.

      • BoldBeliver 1

        I feel so very sad for you. You are under an influence if you believe this garbage.

        They said this crap about the coca plant.

        No no. You are corrupted. I’m praying for your sanity

  • Alex

    I believe in much of what this study claims, but theres another face to this. i know “pot smokers” who are very successfull people in there professional life and at the same time very sensible towards there family and loved ones. Certainly theres brain damage and consecuenses from every kind of abuse or addiction, but i also think that every person has is own way of reacting towards a susbtance or experience. Not all pot heads are the same, to some it numbs them, makes them a couch potato and others get a lot of motivation and creativity from Marihuana.

    • BoldBeliver 1

      Satan is creative. Hitler creative. My step father was creative. Both very horribly corrupt

      True creativity and gifts come from our creator GOD. NOT flippin’ substances.

  • BoldBeliver 1

    Since I was a little girl I watched how POT SMOKING gradually destroyed families. Spirits can puppet anyone who is under an influence.

    Yes, one can be successful. Hitter was successful. Pharo, successful. Wicked people can be successful. But, do they have PEACE? Or is it COUNTERFEIT.

    TURNING TO SUBSTANCE INSTEAD OF GOD, that’s the true problem here

    I was RAPED by my parents POT DEALER. They were too “relaxed” to care and it happened in their home while they were there. They KNEW.



    • discussindepth

      SO sorry! I have known others with similar situations. Hope you are able to continue to speak out and educate people.

  • BoldBeliver 1

    Before you JOIN the “bandwagon” and roll over on this subject …

    Remember this … YOU condoning this makes YOU partially responsible for your/our generation FAILING.

    It goes against what the word of God teaches. We are creating a generation of ZOMBIES by accepting this crap.

    If you want to choose corruption and voice your opinion a day will come when you meet the maker of all humanity.

    You voicing your opinion could either help his people or hinder them.

    Choose WISELY

  • BoldBeliver 1

    Praise God

  • BoldBeliver 1

    Praise God for TRUTH

  • Dianna Donnelly

    I am a legal medicinal cannabis patient in Canada. Cannabis replaces pharmaceuticals for me, and the last ones I was on caused me such severe detox effects that I had to break open caplets for 2 weeks. I can quit smoking cannabis and never feel any detox symptoms other than perhaps difficulty sleeping.

    You may be right, I may be an addict. My endocannabinoid system is addicted to Cannabis. Since I switched, my successes have piled on. I’m now a free lance writer on the subject of cannabis law reform. I volunteer in a Marijuana for Trauma Veterans group where I see weekly the biological benefits this plant has on those with trauma and PTSD.

    When we speak of Cannabis, we have to compare it to what it replaces. Cannabis is safer with fewer negative side
    effects for most users. It’s time to get real.

  • Tracy

    Pot does not cause this. Sounds to me like something else was going on you may not have known about. Sorry anyway

  • Susan

    I am living in an ON, Canada town that has been approved for a medical marijuana plant. Anyone who thinks Organized Crime, especially biker-associated Organized occult crime (Organized Swingers, the organized crime arm of the WICCA coven) is not involved in this process is at best naive, at worst totally delusional. Two years ago, after getting a Mayor elected who would facilitate this process, a majority of waterfront properties on the five surrounding lakes and throughout this lakefront district have been bought by these people. We are now the new drug HUB of ON because all key highways intersect here. The blackest occult are coming here in numbers. All businesses are being bought by them so they can use those for distribution. If they can’t take over the business (Walmart etc) they get the Manager fired and get their person in, so they hire only their people who are on board with this. They act as if Marijuana laws are already in place in Canada. They are not. Anyone who objects (as have I) is harassed, harmed, stalked, pursued on jobs to make you lose them. Two years ago Victim Services had 100 calls. Last year it had jumped to 800. We’ve had far more crime and more drugs. How many people in ON will be affected by this, their children (adult too), grandchildren? ALL OF US! This about money. Big money. If you dumb down the population with drugs, then nobody looks too closely are what is really going on. There is a huge PR campaign going on in Canada and U.S. in support of this. Canada has now approved Organized Swingers at the federal level so that any property can be used for group sex, mind control programming and overnight motels for drug mules. Same group has decriminalized prostitution – promoted through the Supreme Court by a lawyer who is a proud and self-admitted prostitute.. Biggest of these houses are used to make porn. They are now everywhere all over town – look for the Stars on houses. And now decriminalization of marijuana – again Supreme Court of Canada. Every thinking, caring person needs to look more closely at who is doing this and what they gain and who – in your world – will be hurt, destroyed by this. Object – loudly. Don’t let them do to your area what they are doing in Canada. Don’t elect the people who support this. FYI.

  • tracy watts

    I have never tried pot and in the community that I live it began to feel a bit like an outcast. I haven’t met one person who doesn’t use and brag and say “it’s only pot “. I grew up with drugs and alcohol in my family so I chose to be different. Around me are kids suffering the way I suffered and my heart bleeds for what they might be going through. The adults don’t care along as they are able to continue doing the drugs. It’s sad and I’m not sure how on earth this epidemic will be stopped.

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