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4 Ways To Remain Playful As An Adult

Remember back to your childhood when you could play games for hours on end and get completely lost in having fun? Have you ever wondered why those good times had…


Order Your BRIGHT MINDS Memory Rescue Music CD Today

Imagine being able to relax the moment you feel anxiety starting to settle in. Sleep when you were once staring at the ceiling for countless hours, and concentrate when your…

children struggle

Why Do Children Struggle?

There are many reasons children struggle and misbehave. It is important to try to understand because if you know the reasons they are having trouble with their behavior you’re more…

Depression Rates On The Rise For Children and Teens

Depression Rates On The Rise For Children and Teens

Depression in children and teens can take many forms and is increasing at a shivering rate affecting their social, academic, and familial functioning.  Many children become depressed because of their…

Immunity & Infection

Is Brain Fog Contagious?

Mental fog can have a lot of causes, but one of the more surprising and distressing culprits is Lyme disease. Yes, the bite of an infected tick can lead not…

How Addictions Get Stuck in Your Brain

How Addictions Get Stuck in Your Brain

Why are some people who overdo it with alcohol, food, sex, or other things, able to remember the consequences of their actions, learn from their mistakes, and avoid repeating the…

cbd oil marijuana

Does CBD Oil or Marijuana Cause Damage to Your Brain?

According to recent reports, marijuana use has more than doubled in the past decade. It is now legal in many states across America, which poses the question: even if it’s…

anxious add 8x4

Getting to Know the ADD Types – Type 7: Anxious ADD

Do you have ADD or ADHD? If so, do you know which of the 7 types you have? There is a way to know for sure. Here are the signs and symptoms…


Kids & TBI: Is Playing Ice Hockey to Blame?

As a society, we often hear a lot of the negative impact to the brain that football players endure playing the sport but we rarely hear of the damage ice…

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