8 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Decisions

8 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Decisions

Nothing is more important to your health than the decisions you make. The quality of those decisions is a direct reflection of the health of your brain. Taking time to…

Inflammation Hurting Brain Health

How Do I Know If Inflammation Is Killing My Brain?

People who struggle with memory loss probably don’t think their gut might be to blame. But it could be. The gut, or gastrointestinal tract, is home to trillions of microorganisms,…

classic add

Getting to Know the ADD Types – Type 1: Classic ADD

Do you have ADD or ADHD? If so, do you know which of the 7 types you have? There is a way to know for sure. Here are the signs…

Retirement Aging

Does Your Brain Have to Age?

Most of us assume that as we get older our memory is bound to deteriorate like an old radio with faulty reception. We figure that losing keys, struggling with names…

mother daughter

A Mother Finds Hope And A Breakthrough For Her Daughter

As a parent, you’ll do anything to help your child. It’s so painful to watch your son or daughter struggle. But, where do you go when it seems like you’ve…


It’s Not Depression, It’s PTSD.

Susan first heard about Amen Clinics when one of her children benefited from their services. At that time, she was very impressed with the success of the targeted treatment plan,…


How to Know if You Are Suffering From PTSD

In recent years, the media has raised our social awareness about PTSD because it has affected so many soldiers returning from combat. Although many people—adults and children alike—continue to suffer…


Use Your Head and Get Out of the Game

The “big game” is this weekend. The NFL’s modern-day gladiators will crash into each other with shoulder pads and helmets and spectators will go wild over each big hit. But…


Coping With Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the fear of social situations and the interaction with other people that can automatically bring on feelings of self-consciousness, judgment, and inferiority. Everyone has feelings of anxiety,…

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