10 Positive Ways to Guide the Behavior of ADD Children

  1. Relationship is key.  With a good parent-child relationship, almost any form of discipline will work.  Relationships require two things: time and willingness to listen.
  1. Teach children from your own real–life experiences.
  1. When a child meets your expectations, be sure to notice him or her.  If you never reinforce good behavior, you’re unlikely to get much of it.
  1. Notice the behaviors that you like in your child ten times more than the behaviors you don’t like.  This teaches them to notice what they like about themselves, rather than grow up with a critical self-image.
  1. Children live up to the labels we give them.  Be careful of the nicknames and phrases you use to describe your children.
  1. Never discipline a child when you’re out of control.  Take a time-out before you lose your cool.
  1. Remember the words, “firm but kind.”  Try to balance them at the same time.
  1. Have swift, clear consequences for broken rules, enforced in a matter-of-fact and unemotional way.  Nagging and yelling are extremely destructive, ineffective, and tend to be addictive for the ADD child.
  1. Do not yell at, hit, or berate an ADD child.  The more emotionally intense you get, the more they will make you get emotionally intense.
  1. Parents need time for themselves.  Parents who are drained do not have much left that is good for their children.


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