10 Ways to Help Your Brain Heal

10 Ways to Help Your Brain Heal

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be in a car accident or get concussed on a football field to actually injure your brain. A brain injury may also result from a sports injury or a knock to the head from a seemingly innocuous fall.

Brain injuries can also occur from the sudden, jarring movement of the head and neck (like whiplash).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 2.5 million traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occur each year in the United States, in addition to hundreds of thousands of unreported incidents of head trauma, including undiagnosed concussions.

You Really Aren’t Hard Headed, So Be More Careful

Your brain is not a hard, fixed substance- it is soft and Jell-O-like in consistency, composed of millions of fine nerve fibers. Your brain “floats” in fluids within a hard, bony skull containing multiple sharp ridges.

Often, brain injuries that don’t result in a loss of consciousness go unnoticed and are never treated. Unfortunately, research shows that undiagnosed brain injuries are a major cause of anxiety and depression, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, ADD/ADHD, and suicide.

Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Brain injury symptoms often include:

  • Cognitive changespoor concentration, memory problems, learning issues, poor judgment and impulsivity, and difficulty putting thoughts into words.
  • Physical complaints – dizziness, fatigue, headaches, visual disturbances, trouble sleeping, sensitivity to light and sound, poor balance.
  • Psychosocial concerns – depression, anger outbursts, irritability, personality changes, anxiety.

Symptoms can last for hours, days, weeks, months or longer. Ignoring your indicators and trying to “tough it out” with any brain injury can often makes symptoms worse.

Prevention is the Best Option for Brain Health

To help keep your brain safe and prevent TBI:

  • Wear a seat belt every time you drive or ride in a motor vehicle.
  • Always buckle your child into a child safety seat, booster seat, or seat belt (according to the child’s height, weight, and age) in the car.
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription medications that can impair the ability to drive.
  • Avoid high risk sports and activities where you can hit your head. 
  • Always wear a helmet and make sure your children wear helmets during contact sports, bike riding, horseback riding, skateboarding, snowmobiling, skiing or snowboarding. 
  • Do not dive in water less than 12 feet deep or in above-ground pools. Check the depth and check for debris in the water before diving.

How to Avoid Falls in the Home

  • Using a step stool with a grab bar to reach objects on high shelves
  • Installing handrails on stairways
  • Installing window guards to keep young children from falling out of open windows
  • Using safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs when young children are around
  • Removing or securing tripping hazards such as loose electrical cords
  • Using non-slip mats in the bathtub and on shower floors
  • Putting grab bars next to the toilet and in the tub or shower

If you or someone you love experiences an impact or violent shake to the head, seek medical advice immediately.

How Can I Help Myself Recover from a Brain Injury?

There are a number of self-care techniques you can use to help your brain heal.

First and foremost, you should protect yourself from injuring your brain again. People who have had repeated injuries to their brain (like professional football players) may experience serious long-term problems and, in rare cases, it can cause brain swelling and even death.

10 Ways to Help Your Brain Heal

  1. Get plenty of sleep at night, and rest during the day
  2. Increase your activity slowly
  3. Write down the things that may be harder than usual for you to remember
  4. Avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine
  5. Eat brain-healthy foods
  6. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  7. Ask your doctor when it’s okay for you to drive a car, ride a bike, or operate machinery
  8. Avoid activities that are physically demanding (sports, and housework, for example)
  9. Avoid activities that require a lot of thinking or concentration (like playing video games or balancing a checkbook)
  10. Be patient because healing takes time


With targeted treatment, you can change your brain and change your life. If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from an evaluation, contact the Amen Clinics Care Center today online or call (888) 288-9834.

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  1. John Dolan says:

    Great post. Thank you!

    • Amen Clinics says:

      You’re welcome! Glad you found it helpful.

      • Rossi Hall says:

        I’ve had a lot of stress throughout my school year. I’m scared that my brain will never get better. BTW my age currently is 15. Please tell me how to help improve my condition.

        • Amen Clinics says:

          Hello Rossi, thank you for reaching out. We’d be happy to contact you via email to discuss your symptoms further. We look forward to speaking with you.

          • Soni says:

            Fell from a running vehicle last year June hit my head on the road.. Went for CT scan nothing everything is normal but I do get headaches sometimes and I want to go back to school

          • OLUWADARE says:

            I forget things easily, please help me out!!! And it’s really affecting my academics

          • Ashif mahamud says:

            Hi, my father recently having issues with putting words, forgets little chores like his password, his own salaray.
            I lost my mother two years ago and after that my father took all of those incidents in. But for few months maybe 5 or 6 to be exact he started having this issue. The doctors said his brain is damaged completely . But his physical health is completely fine.
            Is this temporary or permanent?
            Please help.

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks for this but does marijuana add to brain injury?

      • ben dickinson says:

        I’ve had a lot of stress lately and I tell myself that my brain will never heal and I need some help, my age is 12 and I want my brain to heal and want to get stress free,

        • Amen Clinics says:

          Hello Ben, thank you for reaching out and sharing with us. We’d be happy to have a Care Coordinator reach out to you via email to talk with you further.

  2. Mitchell Ferguson says:

    Thanking you so much, Dr Amen what you have done for me. I had a physical strike to my brain by a parent and I had no idea this could be as traumatic as it has shown to be. Later in life, I had problems with memory especially in my 50s. I the ‘brain smart’ supplements I have regained much of my memory loss. Very helpful with work and with the kids. Blessings to you.

  3. Tracey Mullen says:

    The ABC’s of a healthy brain. Thank you for the simplicity of the most complicated part of our bodies.

  4. Mary Beth Underwood says:

    So do you have any charitable programs that can help diagnose and treat patients that have had multiple brain injuries and are chronically affected? I’ve had six since 2005. Two TBIs, three whiplash concussions, and one aquired during a second brain surgery to “remove” a secondary arachnoid cyst caused by a TBI. The surgeon nicked a vein causing hemorrhage and resulted in encephalomacia.

  5. Yolanda says:

    My son in law suffered a brain aneurysm and a stroke. Part of his brain that gave him empathy was removed. He never received any rehabilitation . This happened because of drug use. He is now extremely aggressive and hostile, dresses up in women’s clothes, is verbally and physically abusivevto my daughter who is his caregiver and suffers from Parkinson’s. Had been hospitalized twice, but released within two days. Nobody wants to deal with him. Now and again my daughter suffers the consequences. What can be done? We are at the end of our rope

    • Dalvir Bachra says:

      Hi, you could try hyperbariatric oxygen therapy, it increases oxygen to brain and could heal your son in law.

      • Bob Carlisle says:

        Have used Oxygen Therapy for almost 30 years for CFIDS, head, neck, shoulder, and back injurys and substance abuse. Works every time after I flood my body with Oxygen and eat for my blood type. 3 weeks of intensive Ozone in body bag and tub soaking and Stabilized 02 in fluids usually does the trick! Sometimes longer. Lymph System is a huge swamp that has to be saturated! Be patient!!!!!!! But NEVER seen it not fail after all these years.
        Heated by wood for past 50 years…last 22 after missing l4 and l5 in back!!! Also Multiple concussions. one from going thru a windshield in ’70! Was amongst best tennis players in World at the time.!
        Dr. Amens Protocol with Oxygen is the Way out. …..Jesus helps too!!!! …..Love Yah…

    • AmitkumarBasak says:

      I was strongly punched on my back head one or two times at the left side. After that i can’t concentrate in my study, can’t remember properly what I read, going outside again again, madness etc. Today is 5th day from my injury. Swelling has gone. What can I do?

  6. Ita John says:

    Thanks, Dr. Daniel Amen of Amen Clinic! Care for your brain

  7. Virginia White says:

    My husband had a tree accident that knocked him unconscious and gave him a neck Injury, concussion, several small skull fractures. He was in a neck brace for two months. He has healed but seems to have delayed responses and difficulty with following directions. Any suggestions for help7

  8. Myrlaine says:

    I am 39 and Recently diagnosed with spontaneous subdural hematoma. The first sign was a really sharp headache that lasted off and on for days until I couldn’t take it and went to the er.

    I am now off pain meds and and have frequent episodes of headache and ringing in ear. They last for about 4 min.

    I am not experiencing any other symptom and have another cat scan scheduled in a few days to see if there is further bleeding.

    My question is does this eventually heal? Please send all the prayers you can my way. I have 3 daughters and not ready to leave them.

    • Keir Stanford says:

      I am a 35 year old woman and have had encephalitis since 2006. I am also very athletic, but now feel like I have nothing and that my life has fallen apart. Any help will be extremely appreciated. I am just so sick of always being confused and missing out on things. I have no idea how to help myself or do things the right way.

  9. Hema Kanojia says:

    I am 29 years old. I feel weakness in my whole right hand and i also feel very anxious about my future like marriage etc

  10. kolly says:

    a glassy door fall on my head resulting to a cut nearthe side of my fore head after sometimes since then have been having troubles with the above listed problems what can I do I hardly remembers my dream now and now am now that Kind of dull person which I don’t really like

  11. Muhammad Asghar says:

    Sir my uncle brain totaly damge he is talking alone we are famiily ofset ..
    Doctr told him brain not recover please tell what i do

  12. Cheryl Simmons says:

    Dr Amen,
    IS it possible to have a personal conversation with you? I am in serious trouble mentally and I feel I have no where to turn. I have tried all kinds of help and it has not worked. I have insurance but I dont think it will work out of my state. I am on limited money right now. Thanks I sure hope that you can reply.

  13. Marta Fernandez says:

    What a very interesting site I am in New Jersey I have done tremendous research on my meningioma surgery which went wrong at Johns Hopkins I had encephalomalacia and my primary insisted that’s just nothing the bleeding drops thru the nose lasted for about a month and a half I was kept in the hospital a month. 2013.
    Two weeks ago I had the 2nd tumor removal that was left which I was told was removed and “he got it out”.
    I am resilient and strong.
    70 yrs old and intend to continue my law studies.
    My search has to do with regaining my brain power

    What strategy is available? Thank you.

  14. Lisa says:

    Hi Amen Clinics,
    I really hope you can help. I am desperately needing advice as I have had brain trauma after totally blacking out and falling and hitting my head hard on tiles 1.5 years ago and ever since had short term memory loss, cognitive ability is not like it used to be, vertigo onset, ringing in the ears, have become anxious and extremely stressed about thing and everyone. And then 2 days ago I have just slipped on tiles and landed on my tailbone which has left me in a lot of pain and headaches and dizzy feeling back again. This is affecting my ability to work, function in life, prevented me from travelling or doing anything productive and I really feel like I’ve come to the end of the road and don’t know where to turn. Please help.

  15. Fae Dunn says:

    I am an National Institute for Learning Development (NILD educational therapist and totally apply what you teach. Not only have I worked with children to see drastic results but am now working with a stroke victim in his late 70’s. Thank you for your articles that inform the public.

    • Barbara Smith says:

      Dear Fae Dunn,

      Thank you for posting a reply. I learned about Dr. Amen in February in my search to learn how to help her with her dementia and to improve my own memory in order to be a better care giver, even though she was in assisted living. My mother (94 yrs old) suffered a stroke March 18th this year and I was wondering what specifically you are applying for therapy. She is presently in rehab and will be moved to long term care soon.

      While the facility may already be putting into practice some of the Amen Clinic protocols, I was wondering if you could let me know what you are doing so that I may respectfully discuss my mother’s progress with them.

      Thank you.

  16. Andrea Simmer says:

    I had a brain tumor removed made still having seizure activity, how long before brain takes t heal I’m in my 60 s if that makes a difference?

  17. Kathy Coldbeck says:

    Dear Dr Amen? I had a sub Dural brain hemmorhage in April 2018 followed br brain surgery. Previously had years of depression and anxiety, Now no
    Depression etc. Only side effect is weakness of left

  18. Tracy Perez says:

    My husband suffered a DAI/TBI Sept 29,2017. He is currently at a recovery facility in Fl. The reality is most facilities fall short with post care regarding TBI. We are from the Atlanta area and are making the arrangements to move back. I want to have the Spect imaging done on my husband. Is there a clinic here in Florida that does this, we are in Sarasota. I also plan to bring my husband to the Amen clinic in Atlanta once we are back. Hoping for Aug/Sept time frame.
    Dr’s continue to tell me his abilities are there, he’s wide open to healing. His gut health is great, he’s on only one medication, which is amazing considering the severity of his injury. He walks, he feeds himself. Hes had no seizures. His injury is to both sides of his frontal lobes. One of the biggest hurdles is his agitation. I know he’s there, I just don’t know how to reach him. We are trialing Autophagy with him, he is intermittent fasting throughout the week, with sauna/pool therapy 2days to increase this Autophagy. Any information would be helpful

  19. Carolyn thornton says:

    Two yrs and 10 months ago i got whiplash from going over two two unmarked speed bumps at night on a trip in California. Ever since, when I lie down to go to sleep, I have spasms mostly in my cranium but often other muscles all over my body twitch. Nothing has really helped. One of the five neurologists said it would take three to five years to recover from this. At 72, I’m very depressed about this because any activity…even dusting furniture…makes my nightly spasms much worse. I cannot sleep with my had pounding and twitches. Yes, I have outbursts of anger…I even scream at top of my lungs occasionally. It’s just awful. Then, because I didn’t sleep all night, 16 wks after the brain injury I missed a step going to our garage and suffered an L-4 compression fracture. So now I have neck, lower back, hip and left foot pain. My foot got hurt in the fall as it “wrapped” around the step as I twisted as I fell.

    I’m a depressed mess! Any ideas you have would be appreciated.


  20. Lucy says:

    What is the brain smart supplement as spoken above?

  21. Irina says:

    thank you dr. Amen and best wishes to you and your teem. Very useful for me and my family in almost all situations of life

  22. Wilson says:

    Greetings all,

    I had a head injury on a road. I hardly remember how it happened but I hear that I moved across the road and ended down in the river or something like that. I woke up in hospital and moved back to my wife and kids. I lost my education ( i had a master’s in agricultural economics. I heard that I’ll be fine a year from now. My brain would build itself and my lost memories would come back. I feel otherwise, it’s like I’m doomed forever.

  23. Elle says:

    Can you help me? I breathed in CO from a cracked furnace at home for almost a year. I was very sick with multiple symptoms I won’t go into here. I had MRI’s saw multiple doctors, but none could figure out what happened until my AC broke down and technician also checked furnace and shut it down. Residual effects from CO poisoning are trouble with propioception – fluorescents and very bright lights form blue end of spectrum, strong wifi signals, striped visual patterns, strobe lights, very noisy environment, situations with a lot of commotion, going up over a bridge (not so much on way down) to name a few cause varying degrees of imbalance which then makes me panic. Was getting better, but lately much more debilitating and I don’t know why.. Any suggestions – this is limiting my life. Thank you.

  24. Amare says:

    Hi,how are you first,I suffered by memory lost and I didn’t remember what I tought after a few minute I need a special advice from you…
    Would you give me,please?

  25. Kim says:

    I was rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light by a teenager going 50 mph. I has been 10 months and I still have the concussion symptoms. Which nutrients/do you recommend l take to help speed my recovery? My life has changed. Unable to work, focus, concentrate etc.

  26. Jason Hallmark says:

    I’m not depressed, at one time I was, but I sleep, 4-8hrs I take one I take trazdone I have for over 15 years off and on, I was on more, but I didn’t like the effects of them, I’m not saying I don’t get depressed but that goes away if I challenge my mind I like to do the same thing on days I can. I forget alot but not as much as I used to and I go to brain injury meeting when I can and learn things that help to but I will say the biggest help I have had in the Bible the right side of my body is affected and I feel more pain. I have been in a car wreck more than once, pistolwhipped, assaulted I take pain meds right now and other thing to help my body. I thank God for helping me and Doctors, and anyone that has helped me. My stomach has problems and my eyes and my teeth but that does not stop me from living for Christ. My biggest problem is the way people treat me. I’m not saying they don’t have a right to do so. But forgive and move on. I will live forever because of my Faith in Jesus Christ. Everybody makes mistakes it learning from them is how I grew. I’m not saying just like when I was in school I failed but I still had a chance and got my GED before the brain injury. I didn’t know much after I woke up I learn to talk again I learned to walk again, Please treat people with brain injury with love and they we grow in this life or the next


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