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How Do You Apply Brain Science to Your Life?

The brain is the organ of learning, loving, and behaving for every member of a family, school, church or business. When the brains in a family or organization work right, the family or organization tends to be positive and effective. When the brain of one or more family or organization members is troubled, the family or organization experiences increased stress and strain.

Your brain is the most complex, mind-blowing organ in the universe. And here’s why:
• It is only about 3 pounds, or about 2 percent of your body’s weight.
• It uses 20 to 30% of the calories you consume, 20% of the oxygen you breathe and 25% of the blood flow in your body.
• The brain is 85% water!
• It is estimated that the brain has 100 billion nerve cells and more connections in it than there are stars in the universe, which is about the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Knowing how to care for your brain and the brains in your family or organization is the first and most important step to success, in any thing you do. When the brain works right, you (or your family and organization) work right!

As young adults’ brains don’t stop evolving until their mid-twenties, we designed a course destined for strengthening a young mind. Brain Thrive by 25 is a revolutionary course designed to change the lives of teenagers and young adults all over the world. Based on the latest brain research by Dr. Daniel Amen and Jesse Payne, Ed.D., it was created with one goal in mind, to help pre-teens, teens and young adults have better brains and better lives.

Multi-Dimensional Education, Inc., (MDEI) an independent education research group, studied the effects of Brain Thrive by 25 at 16 sites on over 330 students. They found that the 12-lesson/12-lab course significantly decreased drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and decreased depression, while it improved self-esteem measures in students where the course was fully implemented compared to schools where implementation was low or non-existent. Utilizing a multi-dimensional approach to assessing the outcomes associated with the implementation of Brain Thrive by 25, this study supports the Brain Thrive by 25 positive impact on brain function and schools seeking to help students succeed academically.

The Brain Thrive by 25 Course is a practical brain science course and curriculum which was created to change the way teenagers and young adults learn about, protect, and care for their brain. The goal of the course is to increase student achievement and graduation rates by teaching students (teenagers and young adults) about the importance of brain function and how it relates to:
• Everyday living
• Love and relationships
• Education
• Success
• Career paths

For the first time Brain Thrive by 25 is available online for FREE for both high school and college students, who have the option of earning 3 college credits from Corban University. If you would like more detailed information regarding Brain Thrive by 25, please visit our website.

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