How To Help Someone Who Can’t Help Themselves

How To Help Someone Who Can’t Help Themselves

We all know the feeling. The desperation and frustration as we watch someone we love struggling in a fight that they can’t seem to win by themselves. It can make you feel hopeless, dejected, and helpless as you are stuck on the sidelines, watching them suffer.

And it isn’t just themselves they are hurting, whether they are struggling with ADD, alcoholism, or any other mental health issue, oftentimes the person with the problem has no idea how it is affecting those around them.

They need help, but they either don’t know it yet or don’t know how to ask. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The first step is always the most difficult, and by knowing what to do and simply reaching out, it will not only show that person that you care, you may have just helped them over their biggest hurdle.

Think about how you felt at their stage in life. Was there something you were struggling with? Or a problem you had yet to face? Think about how incredibly daunting that problem felt before you tackled it, were you scared? Anxious? Depressed?

At Amen Clinics, we see many patients every day who know that feeling, but because we are seeing them in our offices, they have at least taken the first step, and many of them can’t believe how relieved they felt once they admitted their problem and took the first step towards fixing it. They often talk about how incredible it feels to have that looming weight lifted from their shoulders, and I have seen just how determined they are once they finally decide to change their brains, and change their lives.

Do you have a loved one who needs a little help helping themselves? Asking for help can be hard, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Help them take the first step today.

Amen Clinics is here to help you understand the brain and provide treatment options that address more than just symptoms. Call us today at 888-288-9834 or visit us online to schedule a visit.


  1. I admit that I have a problem with cigarettes. When I admitted I was an addict, I was able to drop alcohol and illegal drugs from my life. Now there are other challenges.

    Comment by Steve Clites — April 22, 2017 @ 7:17 AM

  2. I thought this was going to be an article about how to help someone? It just explains the situation, then is an ad for Amen Clinics. Well, I personally Love ALL the stuff the Amen clinics are about, but in NO WAY can we afford to make a trek to a clinic in the nearest state, and spend $5K on each family member that needs this stuff!! (3 of us). I called last fall to see what the costs were. OUCH! Obviously, insurance won’t cover any of it. Or any of the very expensive supplements, etc. This is for the very rich only. Unfortunately. I can afford their books (have read MANY), but that’s about it. Need articles with real meat in them, not just ads for the Amen clinic. Thanks. Note: I’m a fan, just can’t afford to be actually treated. 🙁

    Comment by deannabrandt — June 8, 2017 @ 4:14 AM

  3. I agree with you about being a fan but can’t afford the scan and evaluation. Maybe since the SPEC brain scan is making a big difference in people’s lives, something could be done to make this accepted through insurance. If it is such a game changer for people, the actual healthcare cost will be less over the span of care for individuals.
    I hope Amen clinics will help create access to their treatments for all through advocacy, more education for physicians and insurance companies.

    Comment by Ingrid Johansson — February 9, 2018 @ 6:27 AM

  4. I agree. It should be affordable for everyone. But I guess this is the “freedom “ of America. ?

    Comment by Amy Kordus — February 28, 2018 @ 6:32 AM

  5. What are the Finacial Costs for attending you treatments sessions . Where are you located ?

    Comment by RMP — March 10, 2018 @ 4:15 AM

  6. Hola. todo lo del doctor Amen y su esposa se ve muy interesante y curativo, pero si es caro para algunos americanos que sera para un latinoameticano? imposible. Yo prefiero no seguir leyendo que hay solucion a un problema que tengo pero que por dinero no puedo acceder. saludes

    Comment by Margarita Giraldo — March 10, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

  7. Maybe the Q should be: What is Dr. Amen doing to change the rules of insurance so that it is affordable to everyone.
    I’m in the same boat. I need an evaluation but cannot afford care at these prices.

    Comment by j reynolds — March 28, 2018 @ 11:34 AM

  8. I am in agreement with you, this should be affordable and available everywhere. I am obese, a “functional” addict, and , I have been diagnosed with depression. My problem is not that I will not admit to my problem. It frustrates me knowing help is out there and I can’t reach it. I think I will unsubscribe from the emails I receive from the AMen Clinics, this is making me worse.

    Comment by Coach — March 28, 2018 @ 3:18 PM

  9. I agree that even there supplements are more many than u can buy at the health store. Dr. Perlmutter doesn’t even charge that much and he is trying to help people with alzheimers. If Dr. Amen claims to be a christian, he may not get the rewards he would have gotten if he wouldn’t charge so much for a Spect scan, even a cat-scan is more affordable. I wish someone he knows would be reading these comments.

    Comment by Hi Diane , I can totally relate to your insomnia. There is a pattern going on where I will sleep too much on Saturday and then I can't sleep at nite, like today. This happens 3 to 4 days a week and I can't get a job unless it falls on the days — April 1, 2018 @ 2:33 AM

  10. All I wanted was help for one of my family members. All I wanted to know was if they at least accepted a medical program or something. If not, I thought maybe they would have some kind of program or payment plan or some sort. Yes, what is being done for insurance? There should be some kind of an insurance option of some sort. If you’re going to give me and lend me a hand or my loved one, Then don’t let me down at the same time about medical insurance and plans and non plans. As a mother of my loved one, I need help too. When we deal with our loved ones that we love, we also need help because it affects us. I think this should all be looked into. Regarding a program for the rich, It makes me feel that it could be possible. If you’re going to help, make it possible for a whole new generation! This Is 2020! It means to be a new update for our individuals Who can afford and who cannot afford! Many things seem here that they need to be taken into consideration in order for a program to grow. I would think you want to grow so what else do we have available? It’s too bad, If you’re rich you get your help, if you’re poor you’re nothing. At least that’s the way this makes me feel for my loved one and me.

    Comment by Rachel — February 13, 2020 @ 1:50 PM

  11. I am so upset at Dr.Amen and his team! To help people that are clearly struggling and cannot afford these services is just plain EVIL! My daughter would highly benefit and my mother as well. My sister reached out and got back to me with the pricing. This is for the rich not the poor. I do not know how he and his wife can sleep comfortable at night. Knowing that so many Americans are struggling with mental health issues and he has the means to help. No longer a fan and will unsubscribe to anything that he is featured on.

    Comment by Rose — October 25, 2023 @ 3:18 PM

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