Jim Kwik: The Secrets to Learning Faster

Jim Kwik The Secrets to Learning Faster

At the age of 5, Jim Kwik got into a bad accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury and learning challenges. It was hard for him to focus, hard to memorize things, and hard to read. His teachers had to repeat things to him numerous times before he caught on. His troubles continued until he was 18 when he fell down a flight of stairs and hit his head again.

When he woke up in the hospital, it dawned on him that schools teach us what to learn and what to remember, but they don’t teach us how to learn.

He thought there has to be a better way and became determined to learn more about how the brain works so he could improve his ability to learn and boost his memory. Jim made such a dramatic turnaround that he has become widely recognized as a world expert in speed reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. He took all the tools he discovered and started the company Kwik Learning, which helps others take advantage of the strategies he discovered.

Jim Kwik on the Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast

Jim joined Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen on the Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast to share some of the tools he uses, how information overload in our digital world is making it harder to learn, and how to overcome this.

In this unforgettable session, they explore:

  • How much of your memory is predetermined by genetics versus how much is within your own control
  • How our digital world is threatening your ability to remember anything and how to fight back
  • How digital distraction is making it harder to learn and what you can do about it
  • How your tech gadgets could be hiding symptoms of dementia
  • The secret to learning anything faster—even when digital distractions are looming
  • The one stumbling block that prevents you from learning new things
  • The simplest way to turn basic knowledge into creative power
  • What your emotional state has to do with your ability to learn and remember
  • The secret to stop procrastinating

Listen to the 4-part series with Jim Kwik on the Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast:

Part 1: http://brainwarriorswaypodcast.com/is-information-overload-making-us-less-smart-with-jim-kwik/

Part 2: http://brainwarriorswaypodcast.com/how-to-train-your-brain-to-learn-faster-with-jim-kwik/

Part 3: http://brainwarriorswaypodcast.com/motivation-are-you-not-meeting-your-full-potential-with-jim-kwik/

Part 4: http://brainwarriorswaypodcast.com/the-keys-to-stop-yourself-from-procrastinating-right-now-with-jim-kwik/

The Amen Clinics has helped thousands of people improve their memory, improve their school performance, and learn to love learning. If you or a family member is experiencing learning or memory issues, call 888-288-9834 or schedule a visit online.

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  1. WOW..i have 2 brain injuries..interesting how everything was implemented..my first injury..bleeds in 4 major areas..2001…2nd in 2011..concussion over one of my bleeds..Limbic, and that was a journey..but after the second, i found a way also..GOD has been very generous..and i found out i have Hashimoto’s disease so changed my diet, brain fog left in literally 2 days..so i understand exactly what you are saying..But isn’t it interesting..bleeds to me are interruptions in brain fluidity, and a concussion is more of a stunning, or stoppage to learning and yeah, i brought my iQ back to where it was after the first accident..i reachieved driving and i needed to hear your words to keep on..keeping on moving..so thank you..

    Comment by BARBARA MARTIN — June 1, 2019 @ 2:41 PM

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