Parents of Kids with ADD/ADHD Need to Rethink Risky Sports

Blog-Parents of Kids with ADD_ADHD Need to Rethink Risky Sports

Research detailed in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics indicates that children with mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and ADD/ADHD are more likely to have a moderate disability than children without ADD/ADHD.

What Research States

Patient records of 48 children with ADD/ADHD who had sustained a mild TBI were compared to a control group of 45 age-matched patients without ADD/ADHD who had also sustained a mild TBI:

• 25% of the patients with ADD/ADHD demonstrated a moderate disability and 56% were completely recovered within an average follow-up period of 24.9 weeks
• 2% of the control group without ADD/ADHD demonstrated a moderate disability and 84% were completely recovered within an average follow-up period of 7.2 weeks.

What a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Tells Us

According to these findings, children with ADD/ADHD who sustain a mild TBI experience a greater level of disability and need (on average) more than three times as long to recover.
These findings beg the question: Are rehabilitative efforts less effective for children with ADD/ADHD and TBI?

With this question in mind, the study authors make the following recommendations:

• Rethink letting children engage in sports and hobbies with increased risk of sustaining a TBI (football, soccer, hockey, boxing, cheerleading, riding a bike without a helmet).
• Physicians treating mild TBI cases in children with ADD/ADHD may need to adjust treatment plans, as more intensive treatment and longer rehabilitation may be required.
• Families of children with ADD/ADHD with mild TBI should be counseled accordingly about expected outcomes.

More evidence that the brain is both delicate and resilient!

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