It’s Not Just for Boys: Women, Stop Struggling with ADD Today

It’s Not Just for Boys: Women, Stop Struggling with ADD Today

Despite being diagnosed much more rarely than men, many women around the world struggle with ADD. While there is no biological evidence that ADD affects boys more than girls, boys are more than twice as likely to receive the diagnosis. This means that there is a massive population of women struggling with untreated ADD; it doesn’t have to be this way.

Some researchers hypothesize that because young girls are often more organized, less hyperactive, and are more willing to ask for help, girls with ADD often slip under the radar of doctors and mental health professionals.

Girls with ADD suffer more than 7 times the risk for both antisocial and mood disorders, 3 times the risk for anxiety disorders than those who do not have ADD. Additionally, they have a higher risk for eating disorders, such as bulimia and obesity.

The hallmark symptoms of ADD are:

  • short attention span
  • distractibility
  • disorganization
  • restlessness
  • procrastination
  • impulse control

Do you or any women in your life suffer from these symptoms? Well, the good news is that you aren’t stuck with the brain you have, you can change your brain, and your life for the better.

As many women know all too well, if left untreated, ADD can put unnecessary stress on you and your loved ones, leading to everything from under-performance at work, to tough relationship breakups, and even more serious psychological disorders.

ADD is a neurobiological disorder with serious psychological and social consequences. Children, teens, adults and parents need to know that it’s not their fault, they didn’t cause it, and there is hope.

Amen Clinics is here to help you understand the ADD brain and provide treatment options that address more than just symptoms. Call us today at 888-288-9834 or visit us online to schedule a visit.

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