5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Focus

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Focus

The prefrontal cortex is the most evolved part of the brain. As such, it is essential in helping you reach your goals. In case you don’t know, the prefrontal cortex is involved with concentration, attention span, judgment, impulse control, and critical thinking.

It controls your ability to look at situations, organize your thoughts, plan what you want to so, and carry out your plans. At Amen Clinics we use highly personalized treatments when we see low prefrontal cortex activity plus symptom clusters of ADD, depression, or psychosis in our patients.

Here are 5 tips that will help you optimize your prefrontal cortex and learn to focus:

Nutritional Intervention

Nutritional intervention can be especially helpful to this part of the brain. Unfortunately, the standard American diet is filled with refined carbohydrates, which have a negative impact on dopamine levels in the brain and concentration. The breakfasts of today typically consist of foods that are high in simple carbohydrates, such as frozen waffles or pancakes, Pop-Tarts, muffins, pastry, or cereal.

Listen to Classical Music

One controlled study found that listening to Mozart was helpful for children with ADD. Rosalie Rebollo Pratt and colleagues studied nineteen children, ages seven to seventeen, with ADD. They played recordings of Mozart for them three times a week during neurofeedback sessions. The group that listened to Mozart reduced their theta brain-wave activity (slow brain waves that are often excessive in ADD) in exact rhythm to the underlying beat of the music, and displayed better focus and mood control, diminished impulsivity, and improved social skill.


Meditation can help calm the anxious brain, but it also activates the PFC. Make a meditation practice part of your life.

Focus on what you love

The prefrontal cortex is intimately involved with focus, concentration, and attention span. What we attend to and focus on has a very significant impact on how we feel and act day to day. Many people with PFC challenges, especially people with ADD, tend to be conflict-driven as a way to “turn on” prefrontal cortex activity. Unfortunately, this behavior has many negative side effect, especially on relationships and immune system functioning. Focusing on what you like about your life and on what you like about others is a powerful way to keep your prefrontal cortex healthy.

Stay organized

People who have PFC difficulties often have problems with organization. Learning organizational skills can be very helpful. Day planners and computer organizational programs can be lifesaving. It is also important to know your limitations and, when possible, surround yourself with people who can help organize you.

If you are not a warrior for the health of your brain and the brains of those who depend on you, ADD, depression, dementia, premature aging, diabetes, and obesity are the consequences for your loved ones and yourself. Call Amen Clinics if you or a loved one need help today at 888-288-9834 or visit us at online.


  1. Thank you for the great tips.

    Comment by Joan Pennings — December 13, 2017 @ 4:37 AM

  2. My grandson is ADHD and addicted to drugs. He did okay growing up with some out of the normal behavior. He’s 32 years old now and addicted to drugs with very bad behavior. Can you help us? Is there anything close to us in Greenville, South Carolina 29640? Reply please. Thank you

    Comment by Mary Myers — May 26, 2018 @ 7:08 AM

  3. Atlanta’s Amen Clinic is excellent. It is the closest to you

    Comment by Dale Ash — July 9, 2018 @ 3:28 AM

  4. ,after A head injUry from a bad fall, my vision was shaken. The right side of my face was damaged.
    When I close my left eye I manage better, as it is difficult to close my right eye. My vision looking
    Up is doubled. The Dr. Waited a while to prescribe new glasses, but they do not solve the problem.

    Comment by MaryAnne Evans — July 9, 2018 @ 6:03 AM

  5. I have been suffering from A D D all my and still have not been abled too fond help I feel like I am looking my mind. Can you help me ?

    Comment by PETER — August 19, 2018 @ 5:31 PM

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