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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD), is one of the most common psychiatric challenges among adults. Symptoms vary widely, from inattentiveness and procrastination to outbursts and impulsiveness, resulting in a condition that can be challenging to treat. Shedding light on that complexity, Daniel G. Amen, M.D. has successfully defined seven sub-types of ADHD and for four of them, typical stimulant medications make symptoms worse.  This is where the cycle of unsuccessful treatment, stress, and despair often begins.

There is hope:  Amen Clinics has pioneered innovative ADHD treatments that are highly successful. A recent six-month Outcome Study of 500 Amen Clinics’ patients of varying ages revealed that 75% showed significant improvement in their condition, and 85% reported improved quality of life after implementing their personalized protocols.

The statistics are impressive. But every ADHD case is unique; it’s the individual success stories that are really inspiring. Just ask Adam, who was diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities as a teen. Treatment with Ritalin made no significant improvements for Adam, but he found ways to cope. Then a tragedy happened that made his symptoms much worse.

Adam’s Story

When Adam was 18 he was in a motorcycle accident. He survived, but things were not the same afterward; his ADD symptoms got much worse. “I had bad impulse control and anger problems. I lost control of my emotions. I just didn’t know what was wrong with me,” relates Adam. “I would be okay and then all of a sudden lash out in anger…I couldn’t let go of an argument. I was impulsive and bought three cars in two weeks.”

Adam’s wife couldn’t ignore how ADD was limiting his everyday life. It was clear he was struggling with focus and attention, impulse control and anger. The couple went through a list of psychiatrists—and medications. But sometimes they made things worse! It was exhausting, but Adam’s wife kept looking for answers. Finally, she found Amen Clinics.

“I did the Full Evaluation with a brain SPECT scan and entire personal history,” Adam said. A brain SPECT scan (Single-Photon Emission Computerized Tomography) is a vivid image of the brain’s activity, which helps us better understand how it works and what is going on inside it. Adam’s Amen Clinic psychiatrist showed him a SPECT scan of a healthy brain and compared it to the SPECT scan of Adam’s brain.

The comparison was a shock but Adam was grateful for the comprehensive evaluation of his condition. There was no more need for “trial and error meds”.  The Amen Clinics Method offered targeted treatment for Adam’s unique brain and defined exactly what was needed in terms of medication and nutrition. “After starting my treatment plan at Amen Clinics, it changed my life dramatically. I was able to regain focus and get my anger under control.”

“I had a follow-up brain SPECT scan after one year. We could see how my brain improved!” Adam said. He has continued to have additional scans to follow the progress. Today, Adam regularly refers others to Amen Clinics. He regards his experience as nothing short of life-changing. “I know if my wife hadn’t found Amen Clinics, we would not be married today,” he said. “Now she’s able to rely on me. I’m able to sustain a fairly normal life. Thank God my wife found Amen Clinics.”

Amen Clinics Can Help

The Amen Clinics Method of integrative psychiatric care has brought hope to Adam and many others dealing with a wide range of conditions. Using innovative and personal care, our outcomes consistently demonstrate improvement for patients – including many who have tried other unsuccessful treatment approaches in the past. Amen Clinics utilizes a highly unique whole-person clinical intake and strategic brain-focused nutrition alongside conventional treatment options. Leading edge brain SPECT technology literally provides inside information needed to guide treatment strategies and confirm results.

What can a Full Evaluation do for you or a loved one?

It’s time to stop guessing. Amen Clinics Full Evaluation of your biological-psychological-social-spiritual history including two brain SPECT imaging scans at rest and at concentration, cognitive testing, and clinical assessment is designed to address your unique needs and offer targeted treatment options. For more information, call us at 888-288-9834 or schedule a visit today. For daily brain health updates, follow us on Facebook.

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