What Can You Do To Reverse Brain Trauma Today?

Anything that rattles your soft, butter–like brain can cause serious damage – brain injuries that can ruin lives. These brain injuries, even “mild” ones without a loss of consciousness, matter more than most people think.

The World Health Organization ranks traumatic brain injury (TBI) as the leading cause of both disability and mortality in individuals below the age of 45. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, two million new TBIs are reported each year in the United States as a result of falls, accidents, and concussions. Millions of others go unnoticed leading to what many researchers have called the “silent epidemic.”

TBIs, including concussions, are a major cause of psychiatric illness and few people know this, because most psychiatrists never look at the brain. In fact, TBI has been linked to:

• Homelessness
• Drug and alcohol abuse
• Anxiety
• Depression
• School failure
• Job failure
• Murder
• Suicide
• Domestic violence
• Incarceration

In a study with Amen Clinics and Sierra Tucson, a psychiatric hospital in Arizona, 44 percent of new admissions had a significant history of brain injury. In another study of homeless people in Toronto, 58 percent of the men and 42 percent of the women had had a significant brain injury before becoming homeless.

This link between TBIs contributing to poor outcomes later in life was recently investigated in much greater depth. Research published in PLOS Medicine studied more than a million people born since 1973 and followed them to see how head injuries impacted their lives in the coming decades

It was discovered that people who had suffered even a mild traumatic head injury (which was defined as a head injury which left them feeling dazed or confused) were 60 percent more likely to have died in the studied period than people who had no injury.

Even more of a concern, they were also 91 percent more likely to have been hospitalized for a psychiatric problem, 55 percent more likely to have done less well in education, and 52 percent more likely to have needed disability benefit.

The good news is that it is possible to rehabilitate the brain! You truly are not stuck with the brain you have – even if you’ve been bad to it.

When Amen Clinics performed the first and largest study on active and retired NFL players, the results showed high levels of brain damage. This came at a time when the NFL was still maintaining that they didn’t know if playing football causes long-term brain damage.

We put the players on our Amen Clinics program and demonstrated that 80 percent of them could improve in the areas of a blood flow, memory, and mood.

That study provided even more compelling evidence that you are NOT stuck with the brain you have and you can make it better on a brain-healthy program like the one used at Amen Clinics.

For over 25 years, Amen Clinics has helped thousands of people heal their brains and they can help you, too. With targeted treatment you can change your brain and change your life. If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from an evaluation, contact the Amen Clinics Care Center today at 888-288-9834.

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  1. sacred_dog says:

    what treatment modalities do you use. if you don’t tell me, I feel as though this is a money making bait and switch feeling thing. Most of us with TBI’s are no longer wage earners and cannot afford to make mistakes. SO: what treatment therapies etc do you use after the initial scan is completed?

    • Tgslc says:

      I went in for a spect MRI brain scan and I can tell you it’s 100% worth every penny spent. I am 44yrs old and since age 20 I have been searching to heal and I was applying every modality possible. Each portion of my brain showing distress has specific prescribed “to do now” assignments and application (supliments, diet, medication if needed, exercise, reading, brain building activities, etc.) each important and specifically tailored protocol to heal my (your) brain. I came home with a full packet with so much info and to do’s, I’m still working on each step. Every bit is worth my life! It can be worth yours too. 🙂
      Patient – SLC – Utah.

      • Kristie Ebersoldt Hurst says:

        That’s great to hear about your positive experience and that you have a plan of action. I’m sure many would be interested to know your results after a few months on your healing protocol. Wishing you much success.

        • sacred_dog says:

          I’m with you.

        • Tgslc says:

          @Kristie.. I am so excited. It’s the best choice I’ve ever made. The spect MRI is a perfect map of what should be focused on. I am on my way to feeling the joy of life that others have. 🙂 while I was there I got to see Dr. Daniel Amen. I stopped him and said, “you are about to rock my world” .. he and I both were happy to see the energy I had for this exciting turning point in my life.

          I don’t usually follow groups online.. not sure if I will remember how to get back to share progress… but find me on fb .. I’ll gladly share in a pm. Tgslc or Traci Dodge Grant.

      • sacred_dog says:

        do you have anything more specific? I take supplements, do neurofeedback, acupuncture, meditation, infra red light exposure, reflexology and several spiritual things (all involving prayer). I have been to a native american medicine man for doctoring, a saint from india, and would not sniff at ANY alternative treatment if it would help.
        I am post morbid about 20 years as well and although most of the grosser disabilities have subsided greatly, I am left with a handful the worst of which are anxiety, depression, and stimulation overload.
        what about YOU? (if you’d prefer, I’d be happy to give you my private email so nothing is public.)

  2. Barbara Welsh Martin says:

    it really depends on the severity of the brain injuries, what kind, where the injury is..i have 2, 1 had several bleeds, 1 was a concussion..and the one one with the bleeds was severe and in the pattern of a stroke so the areas were high functioning and to come cannot make that kind of guarantee..that is like saying we are a cookie cut out..every brain injury is different..every person is different so the results for one will be different for another no matter how much research, how much education, how you take it apart, how much depends on your body chemistry, your make up..I just keep going to neuropsychology then to cognitive rehab..But i myself researched what parts are damaged to enhance what is not..and i try to do things based on the damage to try to advance on my own and i brought my IQ back up to where it was from the first accident..When you have dialated ventricles it throws your world 2011..10 years after my first my iQ plummeted, it is 2017 now it is finally back up again..but i am still injured..i do take natural supplements, i walk, i read..but it is hard to say evey brain can heal when every person is different, right? i love Dr. Amen’s books..great information but we are on individual paths and what can work for one person does not always work for another….

  3. Linda Goldstein says:

    I’m on Dr. Amen’s protocol based on 4 major concussions over my life. I had SPECT scans just 2 weeks ago at the Walnut Creek, California office. I have learned already so much from the scans and analysis of scans from the psychiatrist. He really did an excellent job informing me of what has been going on. And in my situation is complicated by the fact that I also have Lyme Disease. The bacteria from that do cross the blood brain barrier. I’m already feeling some improvements in functionality. So happy I decided to go to Dr. Amen’s clinic.

  4. I have been feeling a dragtic change in my memory
    I just happen to watch Dr Amen on WETA talking about Brain Warrior’s Way and I decided to call and requested the program for $20.00/mo.
    Now I am ready to go further and. Request the SPECT
    I want to see how my brain looks like

    • Amen Clinics says:

      Hello Renee, thank you for your comment! If you’re ready to speak to a Care Coordinator about options regarding a SPECT scan, please call 888-288-9834 or 949-266-3715 for more information about treatment options and how to begin.


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