Clinic Staff

Be part of a growing team of purpose-driven professionals led by Daniel G. Amen, MD, who are
transforming mental health by creating a revolution in brain health.

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Clinic Directors

Take a leading role at Amen Clinics, which comprises 9 outpatient healthcare clinics (and more on the way!) that have been providing brain health and mental wellness strategies to patients of all ages since 1989. Our team of multi-talented Clinic Directors oversee all operational and financial aspects of their Amen Clinics location while providing inspiring leadership and day-to-day management for an interdisciplinary team that includes physicians, brain scan technicians, patient care coordinators, and more.

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Patient Outcome Manager

Few career positions are as rewarding as working directly with Amen Clinics patients. Our Patient Outcome Managers are the first therapeutic contact a patient has with us, and first impressions matter! By establishing a positive rapport and providing comfort and care for each patient and their family, you can help ensure they have the best possible experience.

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Patient Care Coordinator

Imagine assisting and working closely with Amen Clinics Psychiatrists and Clinic Directors to ensure each patient has a positive and productive experience. With attention to customer service and open communication, Patient Care Coordinators are part of a high-energy team that focuses on ongoing patient health and wellness.

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Scan Tech/Nuclear Medicine

Amen Clinics is revolutionizing mental health by incorporating the use of brain SPECT scans, a nuclear imaging test, as an integral part of the process. Our scan team includes compassionate, licensed nuclear medicine technologists who work in our fast-paced, high-volume clinics to perform cutting-edge brain imaging studies on patients of all ages. Our team also includes scan interpreters—credentialed medical professionals with a background in neuroanatomy and/or radiology—who translate SPECT images of patients’ brains into quantitative numerical values and qualitative findings for clinical reporting purposes.

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Join Our Team

When you join Amen Clinics, you will be working with and learning from our founder, Daniel Amen, MD. A double-board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Dr. Amen is one of the world’s foremost experts on brain and mental health. He has created a culture of science-backed innovation, inspiration, teamwork, and professional growth while remaining focused on the needs of our patients. This is your opportunity to join an unparalleled team that will allow you to satisfy your career goals and fulfill your purpose.

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