What Makes Amen Clinics Different

Improving the health of your brain and your quality of life is our primary goal, and it all starts with learning how your brain functions. Why? Your brain controls everything in your life—from motivation to healthy relationships to stress resilience—when your brain works right, you work right too!

After 25-years, we have published outcomes that demonstrate the Amen Clinics Method has high levels of success, even for complex cases. On average, our patients have received 4.2 diagnoses, have failed 3.3 professionals and 4 to 6 medications before coming to see us.

We are very proud of what we do and how we do it—because it works for a high percentage of people. In our outcome study, we showed that 85% of Amen Clinics’ patients experience improved quality of life after just 6 months of treatment. This positive outcome data is better than any other published study that we are aware of.

Using detailed clinical histories where we obtain biological, psychological, social, and spiritual information, plus brain SPECT imaging, we are able to target treatment specifically to your concerns and how your specific brain functions. We take the time to create an individualized, targeted treatment plan just for you, beginning with natural treatments whenever possible.

At the Amen Clinics, we are dedicated to helping you have a better brain and a better life.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to the very first Amen Clinic, which opened its doors in 1989. Located just 9 miles south of Central San Francisco, this clinic serves San Francisco, the Peninsula (Burlingame, Palo Alto, Foster City, Hillsborough, Millbrae, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Mateo), Silicon Valley (Cupertino, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Los Altos, San Jose)  and the East Bay (Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Berkeley and Walnut Creek) and is a great choice for people living in Southern Oregon down to Monterey, California, East to Nevada.

Kari K.
17 December, 2015

I took both of my children to the Amen Clinic in San Francisco for evaluation of past concussions and some mental and cognitive concerns. Dr. Johnson and the team took very good care of us. Our instincts were correct and we received the information we needed to pursue a natural approach to balancing out the brain activity of both kids. I am certain we will see wonderful results. Dr. Johnson has been very patient and encouraging with my kids and me in our follow-up care as well. The office staff was extremely kind, helpful and flexible with our limited availability. I would recommend this clinic for testing and treatment to anyone who has concerns about their own brain function or someone they love. You cannot put a price on a healthy brain. We are very pleased with our entire experience at the Amen Clinic in San Francisco!

Stacy A.
3 November, 2015

On this day where everyone is expressing their thanks I want to take the time out to thank Dr. Johnson for his kindness and compassion in helping my son. Without Dr. Johnson's constant care I shutter to think where my son would be. Dr. Johnson goes beyond professional I believe he truly cares about people. He adjusted my son's medication until he reached the cocktail that worked best for him. My son has improved so much it's a miracle....... actually Dr. Johnson is a miracle to us. From my family to yours Thank you!!

Shelly R.
3 November, 2015

Amen Clinic and Dr. Johnson have changed my daughter's life. At 21 years of age, my daughter had suffered from migraines for 7 years. I learned about Amen Clinic having seen the special "Change Your Brain...Change Your Life" on PBS. I was in complete agreement with what I saw and heard, however we live in Illinois, and all of the clinics were out of state. After doing the Math and realizing that my daughter spent between 25% and 50% of each month suffering from migraine symptoms, I decided to travel to the Brisbane Clinic. She had her scans and Dr. Johnson was very thorough in explaining everything to us. He recommended starting out with a supplement, Gaba Calm, to help her quiet the over active area that was causing the migraines. That was July 28th, 2015, and she hasn't had a headache since! One road trip and $34 per month later, she is migraine free. I only wish I had learned about Amen Clinic much sooner. The staff was professional, kind and accommodating and Dr. Johnson is the best. Not only was he great during our appointment, but he also calls my daughter once per month to check on her status. I recommend Amen Clinic to anyone suffering health problems. It's all in the brain!

Mike F.
2 November, 2015

The three month check ins continue and our son continues to stay on track. Many thanks to Dr Johnson and the Amen Staff!

David C.
28 October, 2015

The AMEN Clinic has done an excellent job in providing high quality service to patients of all walks of life in the testing and understanding of mind/body issues. My experience with the Atlanta, GA office was no exception. All of the employees were very nice, helpful, and provided a high quality of service. The doctor was outstanding and gave me plenty of time to help me understand the brain scan test results and a course of action for improving my quality of life. Thank you!

Sherry M.
15 October, 2015

This was a life changing experience for me. I highly recommend anyone interested in their health especially if you experience anxiety or depression, to make an appointment at the Amen Clinic. The staff was friendly and informative from beginning to end. They are totally thorough and professional. The procedure was completely painless.

Stacy A.
25 September, 2015

After having a bad experience with other medical facilities my son was extremely apprehensive, afraid and did not trust doctors. We were referred to Dr. Johnson and after the first visit I was sure my son was in the right hands. He diagnosed my son's condition, thoroughly explained it and ensured that he has the correct prescriptions. Dr. Johnson was knowledgeable, friendly and put my son at ease. Dr. Johnson remains supportive not only to my son but has been available to answers questions to all of his concerned family members. I cannot express the peace of mind I have experienced after taking my son to see Dr. Johnson at the Amen Clinic. I finally have hope that in time my son will live a full normal life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Johnson. I strongly recommend the Amen Clinic for high quality care.

Regina T.
25 September, 2015

I feel that we now know how to effectively treat my 15 year old son. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the Amen clinic. We have spent five years trying different medications and therapies that have not worked.

Kandi K.
17 September, 2015

The staff made me fully aware of the process and were wonderful; answered any questions as well. Dr. Emina was beyond informative and helped me understand every aspect of the SPECT... as well as, broke down the deficiencies that would lead to a much healthier brain; and how that might look for me in daily life. Then there's Moinette: She helped me connect the dots ... something I've avoided my entire life. She is wonderful, empathetic, compassionate, and exception at every way; simply beautiful inside and out! THANK YOU XOX

Lori F.
14 September, 2015

I feel like I was able to gain insights into my mind and behavior that I've been seeking my whole life. I would recommend this process to anyone struggling with mood, attention or cognitive issues. In addition, this is clearly a very well run office. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and respectful of each other. Very impressed!

Craig W.
3 September, 2015

The Amen Clinic not only met but totally exceeded our expectations in getting the help and support we needed. Coming from a disastrous experience in traditional psychiatry, the Amen Clinic has not only restored our hope in a successful treatment protocol but has given us confidence that we will come out better for having this experience!!!

Caleb R.
28 August, 2015

I was lost without direction. Tried thousands of treatments but everything made it worse if anything. After just three days I have a plan of action and a lot more hope about my future. These scans are the way of the future.

Heather S.
28 August, 2015

Wonderful experience. Everyone in the office is kind, knowledgeable and helpful. The process is thorough and met my high expectations. For the first time in ten years I feel confident about my ability to overcome my brain/mood dis-ease! Thank you Amen Clinic, your work is crucial to my health and to millions of others around the globe!

Mitchell B.
21 August, 2015

I appreciated the service. Everyone was on the ball and on top of their respective work. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable in anyway shape or form. I liked Dr. Emina and how personable he was, and I also felt that he was very knowledgeable about my scans. All of his insights on my scans were on point with my real life struggles, and I feel like I can trust him.

Aaron B.
30 July, 2015

An excellent team! They shattered my expectations and preconceptions of not only the mental health field, but health care as a whole. One is left to imagine just what the face of the industry would be like if this diagnostic process was applied as the standard.

Mitchell M.
28 July, 2015

I came in for information and recommendations to optimize my health and correct past health issues. The staff was all fantastic, and the information extremely valuable, with just the eval with Dr Emina the information he provided has answered a lot a questions I've had about my thinking and behavior over the years. Great stuff, thank you!

Lance R.
23 July, 2015

Everyone at Amen Clinics was extremely kind, professional, and most importantly, HELPFUL. The things I learned at Amen Clinics will help me control my condition for years to come. Thanks Amen!

Eric H.
23 July, 2015

It has been a very beneficial experience. The scans showed me precisely what problems there are in my brain.

Karen F.
22 July, 2015

I am very fearful of Doctors & western medicine... I always feel like I am in a drive thru at the Dr.'s office. I get nervous that no one is actually looking at us specifically. I have been desperately educating myself how to naturally help my son, but have always worried I wasn't knowledgeable enough, doing something incorrectly & the idea of putting my child on medications was terrifying to me. Now that we were able to look at HIS brain I can say for sure I am set at ease to know the protocols are with HIM in mind. I needed this! I needed to see, I needed to know what was going on in there. I am so thankful we are able to make this happen for him!

Venus K.
9 July, 2015

Amen clinics have been a godsend to my son and our family. Dr Johnson in San Francisco at Amen Clinic is a wonderful kind compassionate patient doctor who connects with people in a way where most doctors don't. At least not the doctors in Chicago where I am from. With the exception of maybe one. Our case is a tough one, but I don't feel like they're going to drop us or leave us hanging like many other doctors have. Or over medicate my son on medications that were actually making him worse and very sick. Doctors in Chicago medicated him to the point where he was falling down stairs and hitting his head not having any balance or control of his muscles. We are slowly coming out of a very hard time. I am grateful to Dr Bradley Johnson for this. Just want to put it out there so people can know this man deserves to be recognized for his good work. In addition to his professionalism he's very easy to talk to and very comfortable to be around.

Barb B.
4 June, 2015

Amen Clinic may have saved my sons life! No other doctors would listen to me when I would detail my son's behavior. I was told spacing out, not responding was normal teenage behavior. One doctor just wanted to give him a drug test and smirked at me when I said my son does not do drugs at the age of 14. I knew my son better then anyone, that alone should have given me a voice. Amen Clinic listened and took to heart everything I explained that was a concern. Bottom line, a cyst was pushing on the left side of his brain. The scans at Amen are not for detecting tumors and cysts but it was conclusive enough to give us the information. The staff and doctors were beyond helpful. I will be forever grateful!