What Makes Amen Clinics Different

At the Amen Clinics, we help you achieve a “brain-healthy” life through our integrated treatment method of comprehensive assessments, brain SPECT imaging, and brain-healthy habits. Why is brain health so important? Because it affects how you feel, the decisions you make, and the way you think. With a healthier brain, people tend to be happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. In a recent study that followed up with Amen Clinics patients six months after treatment, 85% showed improved quality of life. Compare this to national statistics, which show very poor rates for psychiatric treatment success—on the order of about 30%.

As the most experienced authorities on SPECT imaging in the world, Daniel Amen, MD, and physicians at the Amen Clinics have conducted and analyzed more than 84,000 brain SPECT images in the last 22 years. We hope to meet you and help you soon, just as we have helped so many other people around the world.

The Amen Clinic Orange County serves the greater Orange County and Los Angeles area, including the communities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Laguna, Irvine, San Clemente, Anaheim, Tustin, Orange and many more.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with ADHD, anxiety, depression, overeating, addictions, memory issues, brain fog, or other emotional or cognitive issues, we are here to help! Call our Support Center today at 888-208-0037.

Troy D.
6 October, 2015

Finally, a way to use science to actually see what's going on. No more guesswork and trial and error to see what works and doesn't. Getting the SPECT scans gave me immense relief since I was able to see just what was and, more importantly, what wasn't going on and get answers to questions that have bothered me for a long time. Now I have a definite plan to take control instead of just reacting to symptoms. Thank you Dr. Amen for being smart enough to discover a better treatment, and being driven enough to bring your findings to the world. Thanks also to your trained staff for believing in the treatment and carrying your work on. I'll always recommend your treatment to anyone I see needing the answers. Thank God you're here.

Jaret R.
3 October, 2015

My entire experience with the Amen Clinic has been absolutely wonderful! I began treatment with Dr. Darmal almost 2 years ago. He truly took the time to understand me as an individual and worked with me to get well again. Dr. Darmal is a very kind and easy to talk to. I can honestly say that I don't know what I would have done without him. The office staff at the Amen Clinic has been fantastic. Dr. Darmal's assistant Sarah is always very friendly and welcoming. She has excellent communication and it is clear that she cares about each and every patient just as much as Dr. Darmal. I would highly recommend Dr. Darmal and the Amen Clinic. They have been an essential to improving my overall quality of life.

1 October, 2015

First I would like to compliment the professionalism of all the staff members. Everyone is in such high spirits that instantly puts a smile on your face. I was extremely nervous going through this process but was recommended to see Dr. Darmal. He exceeded all expectations and was able to explain things in terms that I could understand. He instantly made me feel comfortable and gave me hope for my future.

Trevor E.
1 October, 2015

The Amen clinic changed my life! For years I suffered and spent thousands trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Every doctor I went too couldn't identify the problem, until I found Dr. Filidei. He took the time to track and evaluate all my symptoms, instead of just throwing some drugs at me like most doctors. The staff is also incredible, especially Debbe, Dr. Filidei's assistant. I am constantly communicating with her and she responds very promptly. In general all the staff are friendly and there to help you. The Amen clinic changed my life! It is incredible and I recommend it to everyone. I highly recommend you go here, especially if you've been suffering for an extended period of time without help.

Matt H.
30 September, 2015

My experience at Amen Clinics has been outstanding! Everyone has been very pleasant and welcoming, and clear in their explanations; frequently making sure I understood each step in the process. I'm looking forward to making progress with my treatment.

Anonymous A
29 September, 2015

My experience with amen clinic has been nothing but amazing. Dr. Darmal has helped my kids tremendously and I am forever thankful.

Anonymous A
29 September, 2015

My experience with amen clinic has been nothing but amazing. Dr. Darmal has helped my kids tremendously and I am forever thankful.

William R.
25 September, 2015

Very accommodating, professional and insightful. From the smiling faces at the front desk to the care coordinator, the historian, the scan technician and finally the attending physician (Dr. Johnson in my case), the mindset is one of courtesy and care. This makes for a very welcoming environment and quickly disarms any anxieties and inhibitions that often accompany new experiences in unfamiliar surroundings. Dr. Amen and his staff have done a great job of infusing their personal sense of sincerity and service into every aspect of their practice. As a patient, I am very grateful and already so much better off for the experience. Thank You very much.

24 September, 2015

As a patient with severe and longstanding anxiety depression issues, I can honestly say that my experience with Amen Clinic has been the most eye opening experience in my life. The reality of the damage of the current prescription medications I was using for years was made clear in a way that simply could not have been done without the Technology Amen Clinic uses. Not only do I have a SAFE plan to remove the dangerous prescription narcotics from my system in place of a more natural, safe, and reasonable approach, but I have the motivation to stick with this approach due to the Visuals that Amen Clinic provided in regards to what was going on inside my brain. I am forever grateful for my experience with Amen Clinic and hope for the sake of everyone with a mental disorder that the technology Amen Clinic has pioneered becomes more widespread and accepted as soon as possible.

Bryan S.
23 July, 2015

It has been life changing

Henry S.
6 July, 2015

The Experience with the staff and doctors was great. I was able to learn much about myself and was pleased to know that the research was well worth my time and money. In depth knowledge of my own self is worth knowing. Thank you Amen Clinic.

Jenna P.
26 June, 2015

The whole process and staff was amazing. I am so so happy I decided to go because I was reluctant at first. Everyone was so polite, helpful and informative. Dr Farrell is so patient and helped me with any and every question I had about my treatment plan! Worth every penny, wish I had done this sooner.