What Makes Amen Clinic, Washington, DC Unique

At Amen Clinics Washington. D.C., we provide cutting-edge, comprehensive, individualized, brain-based evaluation and treatment of mental health conditions. We help people with a wide range of issues, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, PTSD, brain trauma, Lyme disease, addictions, memory problems, learning disorders, and behavior problems.

With a better brain, everything in your life is better, including your physical health, work, relationships, finances, learning, energy, mood, and memory. Our sophisticated brain imaging tool, called brain SPECT, looks at how your brain functions. How do you really know, unless you look? As the most experienced authorities on SPECT imaging in the world, Amen Clinics has conducted more than 84,000 brain SPECT scans for neuropsychiatric conditions in the last 22 years. We know that your brain is involved in everything you do, including how you think, how you feel, how you act, and how well you get along with other people.

In addition to SPECT, our evaluation tools include clinical interviews, extensive patient histories, diagnostic checklists, rating scales, questionnaires, computer inventories, and quantitative EEGs. Our customized treatment recommendations often include natural supplements, medications, targeted forms of psychotherapy, diet and exercise guidance, and brain-enhancing approaches such as neurofeedback and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We know that each person is unique and has different needs.

Our exceptional staff of innovative, well-trained, experienced, and—most important—caring psychiatrists at the Washington, D.C. clinic are here to help. We have many ways we work with patients, including phone consultations, in-office visits, and comprehensive evaluations that include brain imaging.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with emotional, behavioral or cognitive issues, we are here to help! Call our patient care coordinators at 888-208-0037.

16 November, 2015

We made an appointment at the Amen Clinic last December for an evaluation for our 21 year old daughter, who had been suffering severe side effects from ADHD stimulant medication. At every point in the 3-day process, we were amazed and grateful for the compassionate and professional care she received there. The indepth evaluation, which included Spect Brain scans and Q-EEG scans, along with other testing and meetings with Amen staff and physicians, revealed that our daughter was in fact suffering from a long un-diagnosed traumatic brain injury. Dr. Joseph Annibali, the head psychiatrist at the clinic, outlined a course of treatment options for our daughter, which included neurofeedback, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, counseling and nutritional support, etc., and as a last option, medication. We decided to pursue the non-medication options. Throughout the treatment process, we have been amazed at the progress our daughter has made -- new energy and ability to focus without "brain fog," tremendously improved ability to reason and process emotions, and a new calm and optimism -- all medication free. We have enjoyed wonderful support from Dr. Annibali and the entire staff, including Teresa Mischeli, Amen's Neurofeedback/Q-eeg technician. Emma Louise's neurofeedback treatments at the Amen Clinic were especially helpful, and we very much appreciated Ms. Mischeli's support and clear explanation of the treatment each step of the way. One of the things we most appreciate about the Amen Clinic is that they are not pushing a particular treatment nor advocating indefinite treatments. The beauty of neurofeedback is that the gains in the treatment "stick" -- you don't have to keep doing them -- and there seemed to be a clear starting and ending point for our daughter. She maxed out the gains through this very peaceful, non-invasive treatment. Our daughter's evaluation and subsequent support and treatments at the Amen Clinic have literally changed her life, and ours. For any family struggling with any mental health or ADHD related issues, visiting the Amen Clinic can mean the difference between limping along over years on a trial and error basis or immediately getting to the root brain issues through their comprehensive evaluation protocol. The environment is relaxed, calming, caring, and above all, a place where you may have confidence that you are receiving the highest standard of care.

27 September, 2015

Katy is doing incredibly better in her first year of high school this year than she did in school last year. She used to hate reading and writing; this year, partly due to a great teacher and also, I believe, the medication, English has become her favorite subject. She's actually enjoying reading 'Jane Eyre'. She's been more focused during the school day and also on her homework, and she's been less moody and irritable around the house. Thank you so much for your help on all this. It's really made a difference!

25 September, 2015

I was very pleased and impressed with my visit to the Amen Clinic in Reston. The office personnel were helpful, welcoming and professional. Stephanie, the historian, was very easy to talk to. She understood my involved and somewhat strange history with Lyme over 20 years, and projected a sincere warmth and caring attitude. I was so grateful and enlightened when I met with Dr. Annibali! He listened, asked pertinent questions, treated me with respect and compassion, which I greatly appreciated since I had experienced the opposite from much of the medical community. The scans gave evidence of some abnormalities that I had suspected for some time. I'm looking forward to experiencing some positive changes as a result of the treatment recommendations!

Mariam O.
3 June, 2015

This place is amazing! I have had what you call anxiety and depression all my life, I have never know what it was or why I was feeling the way I felt. And later in my life I found out why, and then I came to AMEN clinics, I mean,WOW. What they have done is amazing. I now know why I was so anxiety ridden, and why I was constantly down. What they do is so great and wonderful .The staff is so great, the nurses are the best. And when you do this you can really connect with everyone here who helps you. I defiantly recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants an explanation for their feelings. They are really a miracle.