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Back to School

Tips For A Successful School Year

About this Event:  Learn how you can optimize your children’s brain in the classroom and at home with proper nutrition. Improve your children’s attention, concentration, mood, and more with the expert advice given. Speaker: Dr. Dorothy Kalyanapu Dorothy attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia after her undergrad studies at Penn State. She specializes in using diet, […]

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Helping Patients Lead Healthy Lives – Real People, Real Outcomes

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD), is one of the most common psychiatric challenges among adults. Symptoms vary widely, from inattentiveness and procrastination to outbursts and impulsiveness, resulting in a condition that can be challenging to treat. Shedding light on that complexity, Daniel G. Amen, M.D. has successfully defined seven sub-types of ADHD and […]

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Back to School Distractions for Children with ADD

It’s back to school time already, which can mean helping your child adjust to a new classroom, new teachers, and for many—new distractions. Getting through this transition can be a challenge for those with undiagnosed or untreated ADD, and can wreak havoc on their lives – and yours! But, it doesn’t have to; learning more […]

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Western ADHD

Can A “Western Diet” Give You ADHD?

How many times have you heard to put the burger and french fries down? A study from Australia suggests there may be good reasoning for this, warning about the effects of a typical Western diet and the rise of ADHD in adolescents.  The good news is that eating a “healthy pattern diet,” more common in […]

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