Teresa Micheli

Clinic Director
Amen Clinics | Washington, DC


Inspired by her own experiences as a parent, volunteer and public education employee, Teresa pursued a career in psychology with interest in how individuals can be shaped by genetic background as well as environmental circumstances and experiences. Graduating cum laude, Teresa earned her BS in Psychology from George Mason University while conducting research as a volunteer in the biopsychology lab. Soon after, Teresa earned her MA in biopsychology, focusing her research on nutritional supplementation and the role of stress in the development of psychiatric disorders.  Her research has been presented at such conferences as Society for Neuroscience, Association of Psychological Science and Geological Society of America, and published.

Teresa provided qEEG and Neurofeedback services for Amen Clinics Washington D.C. for 6 years. As Clinic Director, her focus is not only enhancing the brain health of Amen Clinics clients, but her staff as well.


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