Richard Linsk, MD | Washington D.C., Metro Area

Integrative Pediatrician, Adult and Child Psychiatrist

I am a Pediatrician and an adult and child Psychiatrist.  I went to medical school at Columbia, trained in pediatrics at University of Michigan, and adult and child psychiatry at Case Western. My favorite part of psychiatry is getting to know people and then helping them get to know themselves better. It is not enough to reduce someone’s symptoms. I aim to help people become more complete, to feel integrated, able to enjoy life but tolerate stress. To do this we often need to talk about childhood and the experience of living. Many people have experienced trauma, and this deserves to be addressed. Many people have metabolic or functional problems in their brains, and these need to be understood. Prior to becoming a psychiatrist, I was an integrative pediatrician. Before that, I was a geneticist and a biochemist with a PhD from Berkeley. I have enjoyed bringing together these disparate knowledge bases to better understand individual patients.

I have several special interests. The first is the treatment of trauma, a sadly common experience with profound long-term effects. The second interest is parenting. I am a strong believer in teaching parents the skills they need to better communicate with their child. Validating a child’s experience is often much more powerful than medication. Since my first years as a pediatrician, I have been treating ADHD and understand how to use ADHD medications. I have also used diet and nutritionals to bring about tremendous change in patients. As a pediatrician, I had the opportunity to work with many children with autism, and I am very comfortable with the diagnosis and management of the many forms of this disorder. As a psychopharmacologist, I have learned to insert some therapeutic process into each visit, both to better understand the patient, to make a connection, and to help them move forward.

I first learned of Dr. Amen 10 years ago and have been applying the principles that he learned from his practice to my own patients. I am excited to finally have access to SPECT scanning and the many interventions he has pioneered in order to serve my patients even better.


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